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Wilson Brooks

Day 2, Year of #Mygration: Ukranian class in a Toronto school

An example of a programme which offered wider perspectives on immigration is ‘We’re all immigrants here’, reporting from Toronto in 1978. This extract sets the scene and the whole programme can be viewed via a further link. 

2nd January 2018
Stuart Hall

Day 1, Year of #Mygration: 'The endless unfinished conversation of identity'

One of the intellectual giants of the first 50 years of The Open University was the late Professor Stuart Hall. Courtesy of the Stuart Hall project trailer, we can hear his voice addressing migration and identity.

1st January 2018
Shutterstock-354173186 Mount Etna erupting

Predicting volcanic eruptions – new technique developed by scientists

Scientists from The Open University (OU) have developed a new technique to help predict when a volcano is most likely to erupt based on measurements of how much nearby ground swells.

22nd December 2017
Shutterstock-563772010 Distant education

New research grant for shorter learning programmes

The OU is part of a €500,000 collaborative project with other members of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities to develop shorter learning programmes.

21st December 2017
HiRISE image ESP_044161_2005. Image credit NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

New insights into Mars

OU Post Doctoral Research Associate, Dr Queenie Chan, is one of the authors of the paper, The Martian subsurface as a potential window into the origin of life, just published in Nature Geoscience, which considers the possibility of signs of life on Mars.

20th December 2017
Shutterstock-382709833 Cyber security

New grant to study security and human behaviour in software development

OU researchers are part of a £1,008,352 project to study cyber security decisions during software development.

20th December 2017
Shutterstock 152053136 Software security

OU research to produce guidelines for more secure software

OU researchers have been awarded £500,000 by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), to research the factors that motivate software developers to build security measures into software development. 

20th December 2017

Putting algae and seaweed on the menu could help save our seafood

If we have to feed 9.8 billion people by 2050, food from the ocean will have to play a major role.

18th December 2017
The old-style speculum – soon to be replaced. Bangkoker/Shutterstock

The speculum finally gets redesigned – by women

The vaginal speculum – that creepy looking metal device used to examine the vagina and cervix – has remained largely unchanged since the 19th century.

12th December 2017

A glass of whisky could help you get your head around deep time

The Scottish geologist James Hutton made a proposal in 1788 that, at the time, was extraordinarily controversial.

12th December 2017

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