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ThinkStockPhotos-57437044 Close up of a person's eye

Study to examine whether research gives participants “a voice”

An OU academic has received a research grant to investigate whether visual expression gives research participants a voice, particularly in the case of already marginalised groups.

25th October 2017

OU researchers support Healthy Child Programme

OU researchers will feature in the launch of a new e-learning training course for health care professionals supporting children and young people with developmental needs, at an event at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in London on 18 October 2017.

19th October 2017

How do planets form?

Despite decades of progress in discovering planets outside our solar system, research by the OU has concluded that there is still insufficient evidence to say exactly how planets are made.

18th October 2017
Nigel Mason

Quantum physics paves the way for new chemical products

Research by an OU molecular physicist has discovered that electrons can control chemical reactions in experiments leading to purer, cheaper chemical products.

16th October 2017
Cow’s milk … blamed for autism. Shutterstock

Why asking what causes autism is the wrong question

The animal rights charity PETA recently made a link between autism and drinking cow’s milk. The article on its website discussed research that linked a dairy-free diet with a reduction in symptoms of autism in children.

13th October 2017
Thinkstock Photos-164254376 - Aerial view, Elephant and Castle

OU student wins Research in Film Award 2017

A film made by an OU PhD Arts student about London’s Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre won a Research in Film Award at a ceremony in London on 9 November 2017.

11th October 2017
Careful crossing that road! Shutterstock

Five vital things you can’t do properly when you’re on your phone

In a recent RAC survey, 26% of UK 1,700 motorists reported using a handheld mobile phone while driving, despite it being illegal. In response, road safety charity Brake, argued that society’s phone “addiction” can have very serious consequences.

11th October 2017
ThinkstockPhotos-530411744 - Primary school in Karatara

Research to improve learning in South Africa

OU researchers have just started a four year research project to improve learning outcomes in South Africa.

10th October 2017
gidsey_, CC BY-NC-ND

It's time to modernise the UK's road rules

Is adding offences for cyclists a good place to start?

6th October 2017
satellite. Pixabay, CC BY-SA

Private companies are launching a new space race – here's what to expect

The space race between the USA and Russia started with a beep from the Sputnik satellite exactly 60 years ago (October 4, 1957) and ended with a handshake in space just 18 years later.

5th October 2017

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