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We use our research to transform lives across the four nations and globally.

We take a challenge-led and open approach to research through our Open Societal Challenges (OSC).

These Challenges are driving real change across the themes of Sustainability, Tackling Inequalities and Living Well.

We need the brightest minds to address the most pressing needs of our time and we are building a more diverse next generation of research leaders to continue to support this and to broaden our horizons.

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Cartoon showing an interstellar dust grain coated in water ice, and the types of water-ice bonding that led to different spectral features

OU astronomers make new discoveries about ice structure in space

OU researchers are part of a team who have just published a paper in Nature which describes new findings about the structure of ice in space.

8th July 2024
The Open University logo with the words Open Societal Challenges on it

Encouraging response to OU call for external Open Societal Challenges

The Open University has received a very encouraging response to its call for entries from UK charities and Milton Keynes businesses to take part in the Open Societal Challenges ‘Challenge Us!’ competition.

5th July 2024
Clara Mancini, with long grey hair, wearing a dark top and a grey cardigan, standing in a field with daffodils and trees  in the background

Why we need to design technology for and with animals

In her inaugural lecture on 20 June 2024, Clara Mancini, Professor of Animal-Computer Interaction in the OU’s Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, presented her research journey in the field of Animal-Computer Interaction, shared with colleagues from across the world, to develop the art and science of designing technology for and with animals.

21st June 2024
Three men standing talking, with a poster with a butterfly image on it in the background

Five minute videos: projects essential for a sustainable future

The Open University’s 'Shaping a sustainable future – the power of Open Research' event exhibition featured some of the University’s research projects which focus on multidisciplinary, challenge and mission-focused research.

14th June 2024
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