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White, squrare cake with the words 'Bake Your Research' iced onto the side

Bake your Research 2023 Star Bakers

This Open University Graduate School ‘Bake Your Research’ competition took place recently, with Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) from a range of disciplines representing their research through the delicious medium of baked goods.

11th December 2023
Mary Larkin

Family Carers: beyond visibility

In her inaugural lecture on 6 December 2023, Mary Larkin, Professor of Care, Carers and Caring, explored what ‘visibility’ means for family carers through the lens of her own contributions to the care discourse and the promotion of carers’ rights and explored her own vision of family carer visibility in the future.

11th December 2023
Space ship orbiting one of Mars' moons

The longstanding mystery of Mars' moons - and the mission that could solve it

The two small moons of Mars, Phobos (about 22km in diameter) and Deimos (about 13km in diameter), have been puzzling scientists for decades, with their origin remaining a matter of debate.

8th December 2023
The hands of adults and children on top of each other

OU researcher calls for more support for carers

An OU lecturer and researcher who became the first-ever Professor of Care, Carers, and Caring, will call for more support for carers to reduce the inequalities they experience in her inaugural lecture this month (6 December 2023).

1st December 2023
University students in a classroom, listening to a lecture and writing in notebooks

Research funding for Open-Oxford-Cambridge Doctoral Training Programme

Future OU postgraduate research has been recently awarded just over £200,000 funding for the next cohort of the Open-Oxford-Cambridge (OOC) Doctoral Training Programme.

1st December 2023
A plant with pink flowers growing out a crack in the road

How to get someone out of a cult - and what happens afterwards

No one ever sets out to join a cult. At the beginning it looks like the group will meet some need or ideal. For most people it seems to work initially - at least somewhat.

1st December 2023
Two finger prints on a dirty surface

£650k funding secured for OU trust in forensic science project

A team led by The Open University has successfully secured a funding grant worth £657,922 for a project investigating trust in forensic science.

22nd November 2023
An observatory with the words Winner, The Open University

The Open University’s OpenSTEM Labs awarded Queen’s Anniversary Prize

The Open University has been awarded a prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize for its OpenSTEM Labs initiative.

22nd November 2023
Three girls of different religions

OU research informs “Docutubes” to promote religious tolerance

OU researchers are working with groups of young people aged 12-22 year across the world on the making of short films to promote religious tolerance.

10th November 2023
A woman sitting on a bench next to a gravestone

Afraid to talk about death

Researchers at The Open University are opening up the conversation about death, discussing end of life and bereavement to enable people to make better decisions and support others.

10th November 2023

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