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A young, black girl, with long dark hair and wearing a brown jacket, standing on a train and holding on to a rail

Literature review published on the wellbeing and mobility of female doctorate holders

An Open University led research review has identified inequity during the early career period for female doctoral graduates inside and outside academia.

23rd May 2024
The Universe - with swirls of brown, yellow and green colours

£1.5 million grant for Centre for Electronic Imaging collaboration

The Open University has received funding in excess of £1.5 million from Teledyne e2v for phase five of a collaboration agreement that sponsors blue skies OU research in advanced detector technology for space imaging.

20th May 2024
Rows of wooden church pews

OU receives funding to understand anti-Catholicism prejudice

The Open University has received £340,000 funding from the Leverhulme Trust to look into anti-Catholicism in the UK and Ireland since 1945.

17th May 2024
A man with a beard and wearing a white shirt, and a lady wearing a black blouse, sitting at a table, looking at a laptop

OU signs charter to promote greater inclusivity in business

The Open University has become a signatory of the Charter for Inclusive Entrepreneurship launched by the University of Nottingham to remove barriers to entrepreneurship for under-represented social groups.

16th May 2024
A small, green frog sitting on a green leaf

£500k grant to explain the evolution of Amazonian biodiversity

The Open University has recently received £500,000 funding from The Leverhulme Trust to explain the evolution and distribution of biodiversity in the Amazon.

16th May 2024
Robotic hands on a keyboard

£100k grant for OU’s AI fairness project

The Open University (OU) has secured £103,911 funding from the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation for the Open Societal Challenges AI Fairness Innovation project.

14th May 2024
A young girl, with long, dark hair and wearing a white top and glasses, sitting in a library reading a book

OU receives £220,000 grant to understand the role of talk in literacy pedagogy

The Open University recently received £220,000 funding to understand the role of talk in literacy pedagogy and how this supports children to read and write for pleasure.

14th May 2024
Olga Jurasz, wearing a yellow sweater, standing in front of background of trees

Violence, woment and the law: an unfinished story

guduriaIn her inaugural lecture on 9 May 2024, Olga Jurasz, Professor of Law in the OU’s Faculty of Business and Law, explored the uneasy relationship between violence, law and women’s lives.

9th May 2024
Two hands intertwined

OU research informs policy on understandings for a "good death"

To mark Dying Matters Week and Demystifying Death Week (6-12 May), an OU researcher’s study into end of life care, has informed a Wise in 5 briefing looking at government strategies underpinning palliative and end of life care across the UK and Ireland.

7th May 2024
The Moon above the sea, with its reflection in the sea

China set to blast off to the far side of the Moon – here’s what it could discover

China is attempting to recover the first ever soil and rock samples from the lunar far side. The surface mission, Chang’e 6, named after the Chinese Moon goddess Chang’e, is a successor to the successful sample return mission, Chang’e 5, and a part of the Chinese lunar exploration programme.

2nd May 2024

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