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A group of lit candles and a sign with "Je suis Charlie" on it

#JeSuisCharlie was one of the most viral hashtags in history – here’s why it wouldn’t happen today

It will be nine years on January 7 since a shooting at French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo killed 12 and injured 11 of its employees. The attack led to an immediate and unprecedented outpouring of solidarity around the world. Much of this support was organised online, using the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie).

8th January 2024
Simeon Barber, sitting in a laboratory, holding a piece of equipment

Successful lift-off for historic mission to the Moon

Peregrine Mission One has successfully lifted off on its journey from Florida to the Moon on a historic mission that will pave the way for future exploration and long-term human presence in space.

5th January 2024
Woman wearing a hat and a striped t-shirt, looking at paintings on a wall

I research the therapeutic qualities of writing about art – here are three steps for trying it yourself

What do we learn about ourselves when we write creatively about an artwork? I asked myself this question during my creative writing PhD, where my focus was on writing a collection of poems in response to modern and contemporary art.

5th January 2024
Mark Brandon, looking at the camera and smiling

OU researcher awarded Polar Medal in New Year’s Honours list

An OU researcher, who is one of the UK’s most experienced polar researchers, has been recognised in the New Year’s Honours List.

4th January 2024
Vladimir Putin, wearing a suit and a purple tie, sitting in front of microphones

Putin’s four-hour Q&A is a valuable insight into the Russian president’s version of reality

Russian television audiences didn’t have much choice but to watch Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference on December 14 – it was broadcast on all terrestrial TV networks. After a year’s hiatus in 2022, when the success of the Ukrainian autumn counteroffensive meant there was little good news to talk about, Putin returned to the airwaves for a four-hour press conference and phone-in Q&A session in which he answered pre-approved questions and boosted his candidacy for next year’s elections.

19th December 2023
View of Earth from outer space

The disagreement between two climate scientists that will decide our future

Getting to net zero emissions by mid-century is conventionally understood as humanity’s best hope for keeping Earth’s surface temperature (already 1.2°C above its pre-industrial level) from increasing well beyond 1.5°C – potentially reaching a point at which it could cause widespread societal breakdown.

12th December 2023
White, squrare cake with the words 'Bake Your Research' iced onto the side

Bake your Research 2023 Star Bakers

This Open University Graduate School ‘Bake Your Research’ competition took place recently, with Postgraduate Researchers from a range of disciplines representing their research through the delicious medium of baked goods.

11th December 2023
Mary Larkin

Family Carers: beyond visibility

In her inaugural lecture on 6 December 2023, Mary Larkin, Professor of Care, Carers and Caring, explored what ‘visibility’ means for family carers through the lens of her own contributions to the care discourse and the promotion of carers’ rights and explored her own vision of family carer visibility in the future.

11th December 2023
Space ship orbiting one of Mars' moons

The longstanding mystery of Mars' moons - and the mission that could solve it

The two small moons of Mars, Phobos (about 22km in diameter) and Deimos (about 13km in diameter), have been puzzling scientists for decades, with their origin remaining a matter of debate.

8th December 2023
The hands of adults and children on top of each other

OU researcher calls for more support for carers

An OU lecturer and researcher who became the first-ever Professor of Care, Carers, and Caring, will call for more support for carers to reduce the inequalities they experience in her inaugural lecture this month (6 December 2023).

1st December 2023

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