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Elderly woman, sitting in a chair, reaching her hands out to a carer

Research to revolutionise care for older people

New research on social care and older people resulted in a toolkit designed by The Open University aimed at transforming the well-being of older people and staff in the care sector.

30th May 2023
Girl wearing a green sweatshirt, looking at her phone, with a group of girls in the background

Research into the impact of cyber victimisation

A project around cyber victimisation, which is part of The Open University's Open Societal Challenges themes around Tackling Inequalities and Living Well, has had findings published.

30th May 2023
Turkish women demonstrating

Researching the impact of gender on maintaining authoritarian state regimes

A project, which is part of The Open University's Open Societal Challenges themes around Tackling inequalities, has had findings published in Women’s Studies International Forum Journal.

25th May 2023
Byron Dueck and Elaine Moohan, smiling and looking at the camera

Music, politics and the importance of understanding the text

Music, politics and the importance of understanding the text is a joint inaugural lecture delivered by Elaine Moohan, Professor of Musicology and Byron Dueck, Professor of Music in The Open University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, who presented their research into religious music from Scotland, England and Cameroon on Tuesday 16 May 2023.

15th May 2023
Denise Whitelock, with blonde hair and a blue blouse, looking at the camera

OU academic awarded Commonwealth of Learning Chair

An OU academic has received one of five Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Chairs; a prestigious honorary appointment aimed at developing technology-enhanced education.

15th May 2023
Hand holding an electrocardiogram

New research grant looks at resolving irregular heartbeats

An OU researcher has received almost £100,000 to study irregular heartbeats and to propose a solution to prevent them.

4th May 2023
Theo Zamenopoulos, smiling and looking at the camera

The making of design creatives: a capability approach to addressing societal challenges

Theo Zamenopoulos, Professor of Citizen-led design, Engineering & Innovation, Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, delivered his inaugural lecture on the work and capabilities of design creatives and their contribution to addressing societal challenges.

19th April 2023
View from above of the surface of the Moon

New potential water resources for lunar exploration

Research supported by an OU academic, has found that glass beads formed from the cooling of melted material ejected by and found strewn across the Moon could store substantial quantities of water.

30th March 2023
Tall buildings in London

Four ways the UK economy is being hampered by the private sector

The UK government has decided to go ahead with a rise in corporation tax in April 2023. The move is a clear reversal of the tax reduction which previous chancellors hoped would encourage output and innovation.

27th March 2023
Person's hands holding a mobile phone

Matt Hancock leaks: why WhatsApp is a terrible place to conduct important political conversations

The leak of more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages exchanged between former health secretary Matt Hancock and his contacts has finally exposed the central role the messaging app has come to play in official government business.

22nd March 2023

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