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Group of students in graduation robes, queuing up to collect their certificate

Hat trick for OU International Development research at Ely Graduation

Three postgraduate research students from the OU’s International Development research area graduated at Ely Cathedral in May and are already excelling in their careers.

27th June 2023
Two people sitting on a beach holding a coloured flag

Expanding gay sex pardons to women won’t help most prosecuted lesbian

More than a decade after launching a scheme to disregard and pardon convictions for historic “gay sex” offences, the government has now announced the scheme will apply to women.

26th June 2023
Rays of light shining off the surface of a planet

An element essential to life discovered on one of Saturn’s moons, raising hopes of finding alien microbes

Enceladus is the tiny moon of Saturn that seems to have it all. Its icy surface is intricately carved by ongoing geological processes. Its icy shell overlies an internal, liquid ocean. There, chemically charged warm water seeps out of the rocky core onto the ocean floor – potentially providing nourishment for microbial life.

16th June 2023
Anne Adams, wearing glasses and a coloured, patterned shirt, smiling and looking at the camera

Why learners, politicians, practitioners and users are not the enemy and how to listen to them!

Professor Anne Adams, Professor of Engaged Practice and Research at the OU’s Institute of Education Technology, delivered her inaugural lecture on: Why learners, politicians, practitioners and users are not the enemy and how to listen to them! on 13 June 2023.

13th June 2023
A monument of Adam Smith

Five reasons Adam Smith remains Britain’s most important economist, 300 years on

June 5 2023 marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of Adam Smith, the 18th-century British economist widely hailed as the father of modern economics.

9th June 2023
African children performing a dance

Uganda’s Ghetto Kids make Britain’s Got Talent history – here’s the reality of ‘orphanages’ around the world

A group of talented young dancers from Uganda warmed hearts around the world after earning the coveted “golden buzzer” on Britain’s Got Talent.

5th June 2023
Hybrid meeting, with a group of people in a room and screen showing people attending by video

OU Sustainability Research Festival 2023 highlights the need for collaboration

Participants in The Open University's first Sustainability Research Festival highlighted willingness to collaborate as a key requirement to tackle environmental challenges both locally and globally.

2nd June 2023
Elderly woman, sitting in a chair, reaching her hands out to a carer

Research to revolutionise care for older people

New research on social care and older people resulted in a toolkit designed by The Open University aimed at transforming the well-being of older people and staff in the care sector.

30th May 2023
Girl wearing a green sweatshirt, looking at her phone, with a group of girls in the background

Research into the impact of cyber victimisation

A project around cyber victimisation, which is part of The Open University's Open Societal Challenges themes around Tackling Inequalities and Living Well, has had findings published.

30th May 2023
Turkish women demonstrating

Researching the impact of gender on maintaining authoritarian state regimes

A project, which is part of The Open University's Open Societal Challenges themes around Tackling inequalities, has had findings published in Women’s Studies International Forum Journal.

25th May 2023

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