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Child's hands holding a mobile phone with an image of a globe, a statue and buildings on it, with a globe in the background

OU researchers to explore Augmented Reality’s potential for language learning

Open University researchers have joined a consortium of seven university and school partners across Europe exploring the potential benefits of Augmented Reality in language learning.

4th November 2022
Coastline showing green land and light and dark blue sea

OU researcher to lead £800k project to improve global climate change predictions

A new Open University-led project hopes to improve our ability to predict climate change using cutting-edge analysis of fossilised algae molecules.

3rd November 2022
Teenage school children wearing white shirts and ties, in a classroom with a teacher and computer monitors

OU researchers help teachers to harness technology and co-design learning

Researchers at The Open University are part of an innovative Europe-wide project applying design expertise to help secondary school teachers and pupils harness the latest technology to co-create the next generation of learning, online and in person.

28th October 2022
DORA logo with the words Signatory of DORA

OU launches its DORA Implementation Plan to improve assessment of research quality

In November 2020 The Open University signed the San Francisco Declaration of Research Assessment (DORA) and created its own Responsible use of Research Metrics Statement.

25th October 2022
Man in a suit with a white shirt and a blue tie

Rishi Sunak faces a very different economy to the one he left as chancellor – here’s what he must tackle as prime minister

As the incoming UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak has the immediate advantage of perceived success in his two years as chancellor.

25th October 2022
Mountains with a sunset in the distance

Four ways to spot hints of alien life using the James Webb Space Telescope

The study of exoplanets, worlds which orbit stars other than our sun, is currently being transformed by the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). We will shortly gain our first insight into conditions on rocky, potentially Earth-like worlds beyond our solar system. One of these distant worlds might host life. But could we detect it?

21st October 2022
Two women wearing face masks and bumping elbows

How should Universities support staff in UK Higher Education during the pandemic?

Undeniably, the pandemic has adversely impacted employees in every sector, and higher education is no exception. As The Conversation recently reported, organisational support is key to employee commitment and wellbeing as it can lessen the adverse effects of the pandemic.

20th October 2022
Woman writing with a pen and holding a piece of paper, with a laptop and calculator on the table

Pensions: how yours may have been affected by recent market turmoil

The early signs are that the financial markets have been appeased by the government’s October 17 decision to reverse two-thirds of its September mini-budget tax cuts.

20th October 2022
The words 'Research in Action' and the OU logo, with images of the Moon, ladies with swimming hats in a pool, a large group of people and a man standing in front of a blackboard

People’s Choice Vote showcases The Open University’s pioneering social impact research

To tackle today’s biggest societal challenges, The Open University (OU) has committed to focusing all of its research around three core pillars: sustainability, inequality and living well.

7th October 2022
Row of brick houses, with white render and grey roofs

House prices: why a fall isn’t certain and wouldn’t help first-time buyers much anyway

The UK remains a nation of homeowners, with two-thirds of all dwellings belonging to the people who live in them. But as interest rates swiftly rise, there are fears that many of those households will soon find their mortgage payments unaffordable.

3rd October 2022

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