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image of a blonde-haired woman with a blue, yellow and white scarf round her shoulders

Double honours give OU academic a seat at the European research table

EDEN Digital Learning Europe has honoured Professor Denise Whitelock with a lifetime fellowship in recognition of her more than twenty-five-year contribution to the research, design and evaluation of online and computer-based learning in higher education.

20th July 2022
View of Earth from the surface of the Moon

OU receives £750k to develop pioneering research centre

The Open University is to receive £750k to develop the Wolfson Analytical Centre, a world-class research facility with an initial focus on planetary, environmental and space sciences.

19th July 2022
Policeman standing outside no 10 Downing Street house

Conservative leadership election: why tax cuts are an economic gamble

Always keen to be identified as the party of low taxation, the Conservatives won the 2019 general election on a promise not to raise income tax, VAT or national insurance. So last year’s national insurance increase was bound to rankle, even though it could feasibly be blamed on the huge costs of COVID.

18th July 2022
View of looking up a chimney of a thermal power plant, with smoke and blue sky at the top

OU research informs report on climate change in Japan

An OU academic has led a British Academy-funded report which explores how Japan can respond to climate change requirements in a way which is fair to its society.

15th July 2022
Female lady sitting at a desk looking at a laptop

Over half a million pounds awarded to gender inequalities research project

A project which is researching gender inequalities happening on online work platforms, has just been awarded over half a million pounds.

14th July 2022
Buildings in the distance and trees in the foreground

Using trees to combat extreme heat in cities

An OU research project, which will explore how trees and green spaces can reduce the effects of extreme heat in cities, has received funding from the British Academy.

14th July 2022
Image of lady with long blonde hair, with trees and greenery in the background

Rethinking the boundaries of astrobiology

The Open University hosted Professor Karen Olsson-Francis’ inaugural lecture on 12 July 2022.

13th July 2022
Frontage of a building with the door and railings

Inflation, recession fears and tax cuts: any new UK chancellor faces an unenviable in-tray

The flood of ministerial resignations from UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s government in recent days started with Rishi Sunak’s resignation as UK chancellor of the exchequer on July 5 2022, alongside health secretary Sajid Javid’s. 

8th July 2022
Realistic colour of Jupiter's moon Europa. NASA/JPL-Calltech/SETI Institute

Nasa considers sending swimming robots to habitable ‘ocean worlds’ of the Solar System

Nasa has recently announced US$600,000 (£495,000) in funding for a study into the feasibility of sending swarms of miniature swimming robots (known as independent micro-swimmers) to explore oceans beneath the icy shells of our Solar System’s many “ocean worlds”. But don’t imagine metal humanoids swimming frog-like underwater. They will probably be simple, triangular wedges.

5th July 2022
Group of people sitting and standing in a semi-circle

OU competition celebrates research students’ creativity

The OU’s research community gathered to celebrate its research students’ academic excellence this month (June 2022) at the annual Postgraduate Research Poster Competition.

30th June 2022

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