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Male inmate holding prison bars

Why deaf prisoners have been in a state of lockdown since well before COVID-19

The pandemic has worsened already dire conditions for prisoners since the UK Prison Service locked down the prison estate last year.

13th April 2021
Baby breastfeeding

Research to support women to breastfeed successfully

An OU academic is co-investigator for a project which is studying the levels of support that women need so that they can breastfeed successfully.

1st April 2021
UKRI Research England logo

OU research and public engagement recognised in first KEF

The Open University’s ability to license its intellectual property, form research partnerships and engage with the public, performed well in the first Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF).

30th March 2021
Water outside house

Research shows how rainfall responded to past climate change

A study has revealed new insights in patterns of changes in historical tropical rainfall such as monsoon, which will influence the development of future climate models.

19th March 2021
Spider patterns

Ice, sand and the spiders from Mars in the laboratory

Open University (OU) researchers have recreated the formation of spider-like patterns on Mars in their labs.

19th March 2021
Couple taking hands and walking through golden wheat field with beautiful sunset

Couple relationships improved through digital intervention

OU research shows that daily prompts from an app can have a positive impact on couple relationship quality.

17th March 2021
Robot and girl's faces

Extension of strategic collaboration with Springer Nature

The OU has extended its strategic collaboration with the global publisher, Springer Nature until March 2022.

12th March 2021
Plastic bottles

OU PhD student questioned MPs about plastic pollution pandemic

An OU PhD student questioned MP’s about plastic pollution at Voice of the Future 2021.

12th March 2021
Image of the fireball in 28 February. UK Meteor Observation Network, Author provided

How scientists found rare fireball meteorite pieces on a driveway – and what they could teach us

As people in the UK were settling down to watch the late evening news on February 28, a fresh news story, quite literally, appeared in the night sky. A large and very bright fireball was seen over southern England and northern France at 21:54 GMT. 

9th March 2021

First observatory to track false and corrective information about COVID-19

Academics at the OU have launched the first observatory to track false and corrective information about COVID-19.

9th March 2021

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