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Group of people sitting in a circle

OU funds first psychological resources for organisations hub

A hub that will offer psychological resources to organisations and employees to help them to manage the effects of COVID-19 has been launched.

16th June 2021
Surface of the Moon with the Sun in the background

Evidence about one of the oldest craters on the Moon

An international team of researchers from the UK, Canada, Sweden and Australia have provided the first sample-based evidence, which they argue reflects the age of the Serenitatis Basin – one of the oldest craters on the Moon.

14th June 2021
The Ospedale di Santo Spirito in Sassia overlooking the River Tiber

Research into the benefits of music for healing

An OU academic has received funding to research the benefits of music for health.

28th May 2021
Space ship in Space

Launch of OU-led Oxford-Cambridge Arc report on space

The latest report by the Oxford-Cambridge Arc Universities Group illustrates the significant potential of its contribution to the UK space sector.

27th May 2021
Boy looking at books

OU education research shapes children’s books initiative for Morrisons

Research into education at the OU has helped to launch Morrisons’ Children’s Little Library in stores across England, Wales and Scotland.

18th May 2021
Masked students in a library

Researching OU students and COVID-19

A project has been funded to investigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students at the OU.

18th May 2021
A black man wearing a suit and an anti-virus mask is using his hand to scan his body temperature

Race and Ethnicity Hub launched

A short film is being produced to investigate race-related health issues, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

18th May 2021
Father and daughter reading a book

Improving children’s wellbeing with picture fiction

A project, funded by the OU, is developing resources for teachers and parents to help them support children’s wellbeing.

18th May 2021
People using sign language

Funding for Open Centre for Languages and Cultures

The Open Centre for Languages and Culture launched in October 2020, providing short courses which cover general linguistic and intercultural communication skills and specific industry-related support.

17th May 2021
Indian classroom with children and teacher

Open digital badges for teacher development

The Open University's Dr Simon Cross has been working with partners in India to establish the role for open digital badges in teacher professional development during a future with COVID-19.

17th May 2021

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