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Martian surface

Investigating how dust and water interact on Mars

An OU researcher has received funding to investigate how dust and water interact with one another on Mars.

13th September 2021
Dried up crop

Continued funding for global climate change research

OU researchers have been awarded funding to continue their research into global climate change.

10th September 2021
Geronimo the alpaca

Geronimo the alpaca – the case for animals having the same legal rights as people

The fate of Geronimo the alpaca was seemingly sealed in the UK’s high court recently when the appeal against an order to slaughter him was rejected.

18th August 2021
Person comforting a girl

Funding boost to research student mental health

An OU led project that researches positive practices to support student mental health has just received funding.

17th August 2021
Space ship orbiting earth

OU space researchers secure a share of £2 million Research England funding

The Open University’s award-winning space researchers are to benefit from significant new funding awarded by Research England’s Connecting Capability Fund (CCF) to the Space Research and Innovation Network for Technology (SPRINT) programme.

26th July 2021
Hayabusa2 collecting samples from asteroid

Samples from asteroid could reveal secrets of the Universe

Open University scientists have received samples from an asteroid which could reveal the secrets to how our Solar System formed.

23rd July 2021
Images of Mars under clear conditions (left) and during the 2018 Global Dust Storm (right). Credit: NASA, ESA, STScl.

Martian global dust storm ended winter early in the south

OU research shows the effects of global dust storms on the atmosphere on Mars.

22nd July 2021
Teacher and young girl in a classroom wearing facemasks

Call for early mental health support for children during COVID-19

A team of OU researchers which studied children's experience of death anxiety during COVID-19 has called for early mental health support to address the effects on children.

14th July 2021
People standing around on their mobile phones

Research into the role of mobile phones in people’s busy lives

Research which will explore how people manage multiple conversations across phone apps has received funding.

14th July 2021
Schoolgirl working on laptop

Innovation adopted during COVID-19 is now “business as usual” according to OU research

Research conducted by the OU’s Faculty of Business & Law into online learning in English schools during COVID-19 has found that some innovations adopted have now become “business as usual”.

14th July 2021

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