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HREC Reporting

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Final reports

At the end of a research project which has been reviewed by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), it is important to submit a final report, which will then be made available to the Scholarship Exchange (for internal projects funded by Scholarship and Innovation Centres) or on Open Research Data Online (ORDO) (for other projects, including externally funded projects). . 

The final report is used to:

  • Assess how ethics-related issues have been dealt with if they have arisen
  • Monitor that OU research is being carried out ethically, as agreed
  • Inform the development of the HREC ethics review process to ensure a continued high level of review

Please make clear on your submission when your project is intended to finish to help us agree a reporting date with you.

Process for submitting a Final Report

Annual progress reports for higher risk projects

If you are conducting a project which has been assessed by HREC as being higher risk, you may be required to submit an annual progress report. You will be informed of this in your favourable opinion letter and your Associate Dean for Research will be alerted. You should return a completed copy of the HREC Annual Progress Report form to the Human Research Ethics team by email.

The annual progress report is used to:

  • Offer ongoing HREC support for applicants during projects
  • Assess how ethics-related issues or unanticipated adverse events have been dealt with if they have arisen
  • Monitor that OU research is being carried out ethically

All reports are confidential and made available principally to the HREC Chairing team. They may be made available to relevant members of the Research Governance team and the appropriate Faculty Associate Dean Research.