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Data Protection and Research Data Management

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It is very important that research at the OU is legal, ethical and enacted responsibly. If your research project will involve the collection or use of personal data, please refer to the OU Data Protection (internal only) site to assess if your research is considered high risk, as you may be required to complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). To establish whether a DPIA is needed, first complete the DPIA screening questions (internal only), and then complete the DPIA template (internal only) if necessary. Further information about Data Protection in Research can be found in the Research Guidance document (internal only).

In addition, you will need to contact your Information Governance Liaison Officer (internal only) if you are collecting personal data as part of your research, to get your research added to the Information Asset Register (internal only).

Research Data Management

Research Data Management concerns the management, preservation and sharing of any research data which are collected, created or used during the course of your research.

OU researchers and research students are expected to adhere to the OU Research Data Management Policy as well as any other relevant funder policies, by creating a Data Management Plan, managing data responsibly throughout their lifecycle and wherever possible by sharing research data in a trusted data repository.

Guidance on all aspects of Research Data Management can be found on the OU Library Research Support website.