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Developing strong partnerships allows the OU to maximise the impact of our research through ensuring that our expertise is accessible by organisations in the public and private sector. Our network of national and regional centres in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, makes us uniquely placed to develop partnerships throughout the UK.

We have significant experience of developing partnerships based around collaborative and contract research as well as knowledge-based partnerships such as consultancies, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and internships. Our experienced Research and Enterprise Team is available to help you identify the partnership that would benefit your organisation the most.

For more information on developing partnerships with the OU, please email the Enterprise Team.

Research partnerships

Successful partnerships with organisations in the public and private sector form the cornerstone of our world class research programme.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

KTPs allow you to drive your company forward through the recruitment of a high-calibre graduate and on-going support from the OU’s world-leading academics.


The OU’s highly motivated postgraduate students are available for industrial or office placements or support for small-scale projects.