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Mrs Kay Logan

Profile summary

Professional biography

I have been a tutor on the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme since 2015 and prior to that a tutor on the Mary Seacole Programme (PG Cert).  I particularly enjoy working with NHS participants over time as they develop compassionate leadership through learning, development and application of learning in the work place. 

I am studying for a PhD in leadership ethics with the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, part of the Faculty of Business and Law at the Open University.  I have been following voluntary sector leaders for the last two years, as part of leadership learning clubs.  This has included learning clubs in England, Scotland, Europe and Africa.  Current focus is around the impact of Covid-19 on the voluntary sector, through a care ethics lens and developing leadership practice in the voluntary sector.

I worked for the NHS for twenty years; clinically as an orthopaedic nurse, then moved into service improvement.  I worked as an Associate Consultant for the NHS Modernisation Agency and then for the NHS Performance Support team, who were tasked by Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit to work with some of the most challenged acute hospitals in England.  My most recent NHS role was as Assistant Director of Strategy for NHS Sheffield, the forerunner to Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, and was responsible for the development of practice based commissioning. 

Research interests

An Ethnographic Study of Leadership Ethics

I am studying for a PhD and am attached to the Centre of Voluntary Sector Leadership (CVSL).  The aim of the research is to understand how ethics materialise in the learning and leadership practices of voluntary sector practitioners.  I am seeking to understand how voluntary sector practitioners, constitute ethical choices and, in turn, how ethical choices interplay with the relational practices of leadership.


Developing voluntary sector leadership through Open Educational Resources: a practice perspective (2022)
Jacklin-Jarvis, Carol; Vangen, Siv; Smolovic Jones, Owain; Haslam, Daniel; Mutwarasibo, Fidèle; Britton, Helen and Logan, Kay
Voluntary Sector Review ((Early Access))