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Dr Yue Meng-Lewis

Profile summary

Professional biography

Yue is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Digital Marketing at the Open University Business School. She completed her doctoral studies in Marketing at Leeds University Business School, where she explored how consumers respond to sponsorship initiatives during the Olympic Games. Her current research interests focus on gaming and its applications, esports, digital transformation in marketing and branding, and communication strategies. She specialises in gaming and esports research with a particular interest in esports ecosystems, player wellbeing, talent and career development, live streaming experiences and policymaking, and has wide international collaborations with esports associations and clubs.

Yue’s work has been published in the European Journal of MarketingInternational Journal of Human Resource Management, Information Technology & PeopleJournal of Business ResearchSport Management Review, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, and Personnel Review amongst other journals. She also published chapters in major marketing and sports management books. She co-authored the SAGE book on Business Research Methods.

In 2022, Yue worked on the BBC two-part documentary series "Trouble at Topshop" as an academic consultant. 

Research interests

Sustainability in esports and gaming industries including business models, fan experiences, player wellbeing, professional careers development, and governance and policy-making;

Digital communication, marketing and branding in the gaming sector;

Gaming applications in healthcare, education, services and tourism.



Impact and engagement

  • Podcast: Sport Management Review Insights: Career development of esports athletes with Yue Meng-Lewis

  • BBC documentary: Trouble at Topshop (available via BBC iPlayer)

  • 2023 Host workshop on "Sport and the Metaverse" at the 31st European Association for Sport Management (EASM) annual conference, Belfast
  • 2023 Research seminar at the SKEMA Business School - Understanding esports fans' live streaming experience 
  • 2023 Research webinar at the APRU Games and Esports Webinar Series - Exploring the esports live streaming experience

  • 2024 Guest editing Internet Research Special Issue on Esports: A Multidisciplinary Research Perspective

  • 2024 Guest editing Communication & Sport Special Issue on Sport and the Metaverse: Characteristics, Applications, and Future Development


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