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Mr Tony Potter

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Professional biography

I am a part-time PhD student in the Department of Classical Studies at The Open University. I am researching under the supervision of Professor Phil Perkins & Dr E-J Graham. My research is primarily concerned with the analysis and interpretation of Etruscan mortuary assemblages and the ways in which these assemblages can be used to reconstruct the lived experiences of Etruscan mortuary rituals. My research project adopts a 'New Materialist' approach, using 'Assemblage Theory' to examine the relations between humans and Etruscan more-than-human things which have the capacity to affect change in the world. It is anticipated that by taking a comparative approach to mortuary assemblages from the southern Etruscan city of ancient Caere, it will be possible to reconstruct lived experiences and trace affective change over time. 

My main interests lie in the field of ancient sensory studies in archaeology having completed a Masters thesis entitled: Perceptions of Health: Intersensoriality in the Roman Gardens of the Late Republic & Early Imperial Period. In addition to ancient sensory studies, I am very interested in archaeological theory and in the development of innovative methodologies that facilitate the examination of ancient lived experiences. 

I completed a BA in History with the Open University in 2016 & an MA in Classical Studies with the Open University in 2022. 

Research interests

  • Etruscology / Pre-Roman Italy
  • Archaeological Theory
  • Experimental Archaeology 
  • New Materialism
  • Assemblage Theory
  • Ancient Sensory Studies
  • Theories of Change in Archaeology 

Teaching interests

I am currently a Beginners Latin tutor on the JACT Durham Greek & Latin Summer School, held annually at St John's College Durham University.

Impact and engagement

I have been co-convener of the Open University's Department of Classical Studies Work in Progress Day for both 2023 & 2024, providing opportunities for PGR's & MA Students to present current WiP.