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Raymond Williams and the new industrial trainers: a critique and a proposal (2022)
Blackman, Tim
Oxford Review of Education, 48(5) (pp. 555-569)

Ethnic residential segregation stability in England, 1991-2001 (2014-01-01)
Farley, Katherine and Blackman, Tim
Policy & Politics, 42(1) (pp. 39-54)

Care robots for the supermarket shelf: a product gap in assistive technologies (2013-07)
Blackman, Tim
Ageing and Society, 33(5) (pp. 763-781)

Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis to understand complex policy problems (2013-04)
Blackman, Tim; Wistow, Jonathan and Byrne, Dave
Evaluation, 19(2) (pp. 126-140)

Exploring explanations for local reductions in teenage pregnancy rates in England: an approach using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (2013-01)
Blackman, Tim
Social Policy and Society, 12(1) (pp. 61-72)

Rethinking policy-related research: charting a path using qualitative comparative analysis and complexity theory (2013)
Blackman, Tim
Contemporary Social Science: Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences, 8(3) (pp. 333-345)

Framing health inequalities for local intervention: comparative case studies (2012-01)
Blackman, Tim; Harrington, Barbara; Elliott, Eva; Greene, Alex; Hunter, David J.; Marks, Linda; McKee, Lorna and Williams, Gareth
Sociology of Health & Illness, 34(1) (pp. 49-63)

A qualitative comparative analysis of factors associated with trends in narrowing health inequalities in England (2011-06)
Blackman, Tim; Wistow, Jonathan and Byrne, David
Social Science & Medicine, 72(12) (pp. 1965-1974)

Qualitative comparative analysis and health inequalities: investigating reasons for differential progress with narrowing local gaps in mortality (2010)
Blackman, Tim and Dunstan, Katie
Journal of Social Policy, 39(3) (pp. 359-373)

Wicked comparisons: reflections on cross-national research about health inequalities in the UK (2010)
Blackman, Tim; Hunter, David; Marks, Linda; Harrington, Barbara; Elliott, Eva; Williams, Gareth; Greene, Alex and McKee, Lorna
Evaluation, 16(1) (pp. 43-57)

Tackling health inequalities in post-devolution Britain: do targets matter? (2009-12)
Blackman, Tim; Elliott, Eva; Greene, Alex; Harrington, Barbara; Hunter, David; Marks, Linda; McKee, Lorna; Smith, Kat and Williams, Gareth
Public Administration, 87(4) (pp. 762-778)

Divergence or convergence? Health inequalities and policy in a devolved Britain (2009-05)
Smith, Katherine E.; Hunter, David J.; Blackman, Tim; Elliott, Eva; Greene, Alexandra; Harrington, Barbara E.; Marks, Linda; McKee, Lorna and Williams, Gareth H.
Critical Social Policy, 29(2) (pp. 216-242)

Health inequalities in England, Scotland and Wales: stakeholders' accounts and policy compared (2009-01)
Harrington, B. E.; Smith, K. E.; Hunter, D. J.; Marks, L.; Blackman, T. J.; McKee, L.; Greene, A.; Elliott, E. and Williams, G. H.
Public Health, 123(1) (e24-e28)

Involving persons with dementia in the evaluation of outdoor environments (2008-08-23)
Van Schaik, Paul; Martyr, Anthony; Blackman, Tim and Robinson, John
CyberPsychology & Behavior, 11(4) (pp. 415-424)

Can smoking cessation services be better targeted to tackle health inequalities? Evidence from a cross-sectional study (2008-06)
Blackman, Tim
Health Education Journal, 67(2) (pp. 91-101)

The impact of early dementia on outdoor life: A `shrinking world'? (2008-05)
Duggan, Sandra; Blackman, Tim; Martyr, Anthony and Van Schaik, Paul
Dementia, 7(2) (pp. 191-204)

An Open Research University (2015)
Holliman, Richard; Adams, Anne; Blackman, Tim; Collins, Trevor; Davies, Gareth; Dibb, Sally; Grand, Ann; Holti, Richard; Mckerlie, Fiona; Mahony, Nick and Wissenburg, Astrid
Holliman, Richard; Adams, Anne; Blackman, Tim; Collins, Trevor; Davies, Gareth; Dibb, Sally; Grand, Ann; Holti, Richard; Mckerlie, Fiona; Mahony, Nick and Wissenburg, Astrid eds.
ISBN : 9781473004030 | Publisher : The Open University | Published : Milton Keynes

Health Inequalities in Ex-Coalfield/Industrial Communities (2010)
Shucksmith, Janet; Carlebach, Sarit; Riva, Mylene; Curtis, Sarah; Hunter, David; Blackman, Tim and Hudson, Ray
Local Government Association, London.

Accountability for health: a scoping paper for the LGA health commission (2008-01)
Blackman, Tim; Wistow, Gerald and Wistow, Jonathan
Local Government Association, London, UK.