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Dr Teresa Ashe

Profile summary

Professional biography

Teresa Ashe is a Staff Tutor (Lecturer) in Economics at the Open Univeristy in the UK. She manages economics teaching, produces course materials in economics and finance and undertakes scholarship focussing on the power of expert knowledge in environmental international relations. 


Research interests

Her research areas include the history of climate change, anti-environmental movements and environmental journalism and communication. Her research particularly looks at the similarities and differences between environmental thought in the US and Russia during and after the Cold War. 


Teaching interests

She is an Associate Lecturer, currently teaching Economics and Geography, but with additional expertise in philosophy, politics and IR.


Russian climate scepticism: an understudied case (2022-06-28)
Ashe, Teresa and Poberezhskaya, Marianna
Climatic Change, 172, Article 41(3-4)