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Dr Sharon Xuereb

Profile summary

Professional biography

Dr Sharon Xuereb has a background in clinical and forensic psychology, having worked with offenders in the community and in prisons, and worked in secure settings. She has experience in risk assessment, individual therapy, and group therapy. Sharon's PhD was about shame, guilt and denial in offenders. More recently her intereststs have moved away from forensic psychology, and towards the experience of refugees and minority ethnic groups.

Sharon has been working in higher education, both brick and online universities, since 2010. She has been a programme leader and ethics co-ordinator, and mentored numerous postgraduate studies using qualitative or quantitative methodologies. Sharon is currently Lead Academic Conduct Officer for Psychology & Counselling.. 


Research interests

The following are Sharon's current research projects:
- Factors that influence students' perceptions about academic writing skills
- Emotions, prejudice, perceived threat and benefit, and attitudes to help asylum seekers and refugees

Click here to take part in a quick anonymous survey about perceptions of asylum seekers and refugees. You must be 18 years or over, and a UK resident. 

Teaching interests

Member of the D810 module team.


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