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Dr Steven Parker

Profile summary

Professional biography

Lecturer in Public Management in the Department for Public Leadership and Social Enterprise (PuLSE). Prior to joining the OU I worked in local government as a social worker and manager, and previously taught at INLOGOV, Birmingham University and De Montfort University. My teaching interests are public management, project management, and public services design.  

D.SocSci (Bristol); MA/CQSW (Leicester); BA Hons (Essex); PGCertHE; SFHEA.

I am chair of the MBA module 'Leadership and Management of Public Services' (BB852) and the apprenticeship work-based learning module 'Leadership in Practice' (BBXY876). I am also part of the delivery team for two undergraduate modules, 'Developing Leadership' (B208) and 'Leadership in a Changing World' (B329).

I am external examiner for undergraduate courses run by Norwich College/University of East Anglia and an INLOGOV Associate at the University of Birmingham.  

Research interests

Public management;

Public services;

Project studies.

Recent Conference Attendance

Social Outcomes Conference 2023 (SOC23); Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford (September 2023)



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The Future of Local Councils (2023-01-25)
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Researching the values of participants attending strategic boards in public services: Semi-structured interviews, documentary research and observation (2015-01-01)
Parker, Steven
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