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Mr Simon Rea

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Professional biography

I am a Senior Lecturer on the Sport and Fitness award at the Open University.  I have worked full time as an academic contributing to the development of modules in the BSc (Hons) degree since June 2007. I have written content on many areas of sports science including sports nutrition, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, sport psychology (motivation, leadership and team dynamics) and reflective practice.

Since 2019 I have worked as an Open Media Fellow for WELS Faculty supporting the development of content for BBC/OU co-productions and for the OpenLearn website.

I have also been involved authoring/co-authoring 14 text books related to sports science and in 2019 published a book Careers in Sports Science which is related to my main research area.  I am currently co-authoring a book titled Optimising female athletic performance for Routledge due to be published in January 2023. My publication Sports Science: A complete introduction (2015) sold 2316 copies in 2021.

I have been involved in teaching in Higher and Further education since 1993 and most recently spent time working for a private company training personal trainers. I have also worked as a performance coach in first class cricket advising players on nutrition, psychology and physical conditioning.

My research area is around work-based skills, which work based skills are most important, and how they can be developed.

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Research interests

Simons research interests lie within applied sport science with a particular focus on employablity in sport science related occupations.

Some of the article's Simon has written for OpenLearn can be found here:


Rea, Simon (2019). Careers in Sports Science. Oxford, Adored Publishing.

Rea, Simon (2015). Sports Science - A Complete Introduction. London, John Murray Learning.


Teaching interests

My main teaching interests are in sport nutrition, exercise physiology, strength and conditioning and work-based learning.

I have chaired production of module E119 Working and learning in sport and fitness and am currently reserve chair.

I have authored a Badged Open Course titled Supporting Female Athletic Performance for OpenLearn available at:


Impact and engagement

I have worked on two BBC programmes as Academic Consultant

  • Icons: The Greatest Person of the Twentieth Century (2019)
  • Fever Pitch: Rise of the Premier League (2021)

As well as content for BBC Bitesize - Healthcare careers (2022)

As Open Media Fellow I have been involved in the production process for several BBC/OU co-productions including:

  • Don't exclude me (2021)
  • Paddy McGuinness: My autistic family (2021)
  • Abused by our sports coach (2021)
  • Black and British (2022)
  • Freeze: Skating on the edge (2022)
  • Inside our autistic minds (2023)
  • Special School Series 2 (2023)

BBC Ideas


Careers in Sports Science (2019-09-06)
Rea, Simon
Publisher : Adored Publishing | Published : United Kingdom

Sports Science: A Complete Introduction (2015-12-03)
Rea, Simon
Teach Yourself
ISBN : 9781473614895 | Publisher : John Murray Learning | Published : London

Exploring Sport and Fitness: Work-based Practice (2009-07-17)
Heaney, Caroline; Oakley, Ben and Rea, Simon eds.
ISBN : 978-0-415-49155-6 | Publisher : Routledge/The Open University | Published : Abingdon