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Dr Simone Cogliati

Simone Cogliati

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I am a PDRA in AstrobiologyOU and as geochemist I use thermochemical modelling to explore formation processes of alteration minerals that may occur as a result of the presence or absence of microbial life on Mars and on other planetary bodies. Secondary mineral assemblages predicted by thermochemical models can be used by astrobiologists as a bio-signature for the existence of life on extraterrestrial environments.


  • 2021 - present: Post-doctoral Research Associate at AstrobiologyOU - Thermochemical reaction pathway modelling of alteration phases under simulated Martian conditions.
  • 2020 - 2021 Post-doctoral Research Associate at The University of Manchester - Relationships between primordial and recycled noble gas in Icelandic plume.
  • 2020: Post-doctoral Research Associate at AstrobiologyOU - Modelling water-rock interactions in Martian environments.
  • 2019 - Ph.D. at The Open University - Noble Gas geochemistry and Ar/Ar geochronology.


Research interests

Hydrous alteration processes


Igneous petrology

Volatiles geochemistry




Geochemical biosignature formation in experimental Martian fluvio‐lacustrine and simulated evaporitic settings (2024)
Cogliati, Simone and Macey, Michael C.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science ((early access))

Habitability and Biosignature Formation in Simulated Martian Aqueous Environments (2023-02)
Macey, Michael; Ramkissoon, Nisha; Cogliati, Simone; Toubes-Rodrigo, Mario; Stephens, Ben; Kucukkilic-Stephens, Ezgi; Schwenzer, Susanne; Pearson, Victoria; Preston, Louisa J. and Olsson-Francis, Karen
Astrobiology, 23(2) (pp. 144-154)

Geochemical bio-signatures in Martian analogue basaltic environments using laboratory experiments and thermochemical modelling (2022-11)
Cogliati, Simone; Wolsey, Elliot; Ramkissoon, Nisha K.; Schwenzer, Susanne P.; Pearson, Victoria K. and Olsson-Francis, Karen
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, 9, Article 1062007.

Tracking the behaviour of persistently degassing volcanoes using noble gas analysis of Pele's hairs and tears: A case study of the Masaya volcano (Nicaragua) (2021-06)
Cogliati, Simone; Sherlock, Sarah; Halton, Alison; Reid, Kerry; Rymer, Hazel and Kelley, Simon
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 414, Article 107212

Expanding the toolbox for dating basaltic lava sequences: 40Ar–39Ar dating of silicic volcanic glass from interbeds (2021-01)
Cogliati, Simone; Sherlock, Sarah; Halton, Alison; Ebinghaus, Alena; Kelley, Simon; Jolley, David and Barry, Tiffany
Journal of the Geological Society, 178(1)

Variability of primordial and recycled noble gases across Iceland’s Western Volcanic Zone. (2023-07-19)
Cogliati, S.; Hartley, M. E.; Holland, G.; Burgess, R.; Haldórsson, S.; Shorttle, O. and Álvarez Valero, A.
In : Developments in Noble Gas Understanding and Expertise (DINGUE VIII) (19-22 Jul 2023, Ascona, Switzerland) (p 11)

Identification of inorganic biosignatures in simulated gale crater aqueous environment studied through thermochemical modelling (2023)
Cogliati, Simone and Macey, Michael
In : 54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, (13-17 Mar 2023, Houston (Texas, US).)

Effects of basalt composition on a martian analogue magma-sediment hydrothermal system studied through thermochemical modeling (2022-03)
Cogliati, Simone; Crandall, Jake; Filiberto, Justin and Schwenzer, Susanne
In : Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2022 (7-11 Mar 2022, Houston)

Identification of fluids accompanying bio-signature formation in martian analogue experiments (2021-10-25)
Cogliati, Simone; Curtis-Harper, Elliot; Schwenzer, Susanne; Pearson, Victoria and Olsson-Francis, Karen
In : Brines Across the Solar System: Modern Brines conference (25-28 Oct 2021, Online)

Spatial variations of primordial and recycled noble gases across Iceland (2021)
Cogliati, Simone; Hartley, Margaret; Holland, Greg; Burgess, Raymond; Sæmundur, Ari Halldórsson; Shorttle, Oliver and Álvarez Valero, Antonio
In : VMSG 2021 (6-8 Jan 2021, Online)

Noble gas behaviour in pumice: Implications for volcanic degassing (2020)
Cogliati, Simone; Sherlock, Sarah; Halton, Alison and Barry, Tiffany
In : Goldschmidt 2020 (21 Jun - 26 Jun 2020, Online)

Martian fluids and their evaporation products – an overview using thermochemical modelling (2020)
Schwenzer, Susanne; Bridges, John; Turner, Stuart; Ramkissoon, Nisha; Cogliati, Simone; Seidel, Robert; Reed, Mark; Filiberto, Justin; Vaniman, D. and Olsson-Francis, Karen
In : 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (16-18 Mar 2020)

Understanding the degassing of young volcanic systems using noble gases (2017)
Cogliati, Simone; Sherlock, Sarah; Halton, Alison; Barry, Tiffany; Branney, Mike and Kelley, Simon
In : VMSG Joint Assembly 2017 (.4-6 Jan, .)

Noble gases: A tool to track the degassing of active volcanic systems (2017)
Cogliati, Simone; Sherlock, Sarah; Halton, Alison; Reid, Kerry; Barry, Tiffany; Branney, Mike and Kelley, Simon
In : IAVCEI - 2017 (14-18 Aug 2017, Portland - Oregon (US))