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Dr Bob Hallawell

PhD, MBA, BA, Cert.Ed, RNLD, RMN.

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Professional biography

Bob has worked with the Open University as an Associate Lecturer since 1993 and since 2022 as a Lecturer in Leadership and Management. He was previously the Deputy Academic Lead for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities with a specific curriculum responsibility for Learning Disabilities courses at the University of Nottingham. He held a variety of positions within the School of Nursing at Nottingham  including quality, marketing and course leadership. He has been an external examiner for a number of other Universities and also acted as an expert course reviewer for new professional courses for both statutory bodies and the host institutions. Bob has also been a member of the Royal College of Nursing's professional forums for Learning Disabilities and represented same at a number of Congresses. He has published and spoken widely at national and international conferences with respect to Learning Disabilities nursing, user involvement and elearning. In 2012 he was awarded one of the University of Nottingham's prestigious Lord Dearing Awards for excellence of teaching for the creation of a virtual exchange programme for international nursing students.
He has also been an editorial board member for Learning Disability Practice and a reviewer for The British Journal of Learning Disabilities and the British Journal of Nursing.

Bob is currently Module team Chair of the Stage 2 Masters level module EE842, which focuses on Educational leadership contexts, values and strategy. He has authored a number of units for this course and is also involved in the production and authoring for the Stage 1 Masters level module EE841.

Research interests

Bob has previously been involved in national research exploring the role of teachers in practice for the English National Board for Nurses and his doctoral thesis at the University of Nottingham focused on the involvement of people with learning disabilities in the management of health services. More recently he has completed a systematic review of simulation within higher education health and social care courses alongside other Open University colleagues. Bob's research interests focus on the use of technology within higher education courses, curriculum processes and outcomes, the student experience, and leadership and management.

Teaching interests

Leadership and Management within Education. Immersive technologies.


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