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Dr Robert Palmer

Profile summary

Professional biography

Entered academia in 2009. Associate lecturer at the University of the West of England (2009-2018). Associate Editor of the International Journal of Human Rights (2017-present); Central academic/lecturer in law at the Open University.

Research interests

  • Environmental Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Extreme Energy
  • Ecocide/Ecocidal Activities
  • Constitutional and Administrative (Public) Law
  • Tort (environmental torts)
  • Science and law
  • The nexus between constitutional theory and democratic theory (law and politics)


Teaching interests

EU law; environmental law; human rights law; tort; contract law; English legal system; public law; criminal law.

Impact and engagement

Robert specialise in immediate impact research. From June 2016-December 2019 he consulted on a number of Brexit related cases (including Webster & Wilson). He has a long-standing (since 2012) involvement in a research project (the Extreme Energy Initiative) at the School of Advanced Studies, which focuses on extreme enery and unconventional gas and oil development and their impact on human and environmental rights.

His interests in scholarship concern data analytics to inform teaching and enhancing pedagody for those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Robert himself is diagnosed with High-Functioning ASD (Asperger's Syndome).

An interest in the nexus between science and law lead to working on two cross-faculty collaborative studies (SPRINT and BEERS) concerning space governance. Robert is in the process of developing a funding bid to investigate the feasibility of utiising mathematical models and algorithms to make important decisions, predictions and judgements, which focuses on Parole Board decisions. This has lead to being a nominated academic in an upcoming BBC2 documentary series ('Inside the Parole Board').  



The Human Right to Water and Unconventional Energy (2018-08-28)
Palmer, Robert; Short, Damien and Auch, Walter E. Ted
International journal of environmental research and public health, 15, Article 1858(9)

The Human Right to Water and Unconventional Energy (2019-11-13)
Palmer, Robert; Short, Damien and Auch, Ted
In: Buono, Regina M.; López Gunn, Elena; McKay, Jennifer and Staddon, Chad eds. Regulating Water Security in Unconventional Oil and Gas. Water Security in a New World (pp. 39-67)
ISBN : 9783030183417 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Cham

Injunctions through the lens of nuisance (2019-10-09)
Palmer, Robert and Pontin, Benjamin
In: Halson, Roger and Campbell, David eds. Research Handbook on Remedies in Private Law. Research Handbooks in Private and Commercial Law (pp. 294-310)
ISBN : 978 1 78643 127 1 | Publisher : Edward Elgar