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Mr Rory Bowe

Rory Bowe

Profile summary

Professional biography

In 2011 I retired from the NHS having been a Senior Nurse(Band 8) with overall responsibility for Nurse Education in Surrey and Borders Partnership NHSFT.' I have held joint appointments with Surrey University and Surrey Oaklands NHS Trust as a Lecturer/Practitioner with responsibility for Practice Development within mental health  patient setting for Working Age Adult Services.I have also practiced as a mental health and adult nurses in a number of clinical environments which includes Neuromedicine, intensive care nursing,  acute and community psychiatry, crisis intervention and acute psychiatry in patient care.

I achieved the lofty heights of completing 34 years service as a mental health professional before retirement at the youthful age of 55. To this end I feel that I have a good few years left in my professional career and joined the Open University in 2010. 

I currently work 3 days per week in the London and South East Locality and have a shared responsibilty for pre registration nurse education in London and the South East. I also have a modular responsibility to a Level 2 module K220, death, Dying and Bereavement.and have recently had a personal reflective essay published  in an OU publication Narratives of Covid(OU Press, October 2021). This is an account of my personal journey through the loss of a family member during the pandemic.

On a lighter note my name has strong celtic roots, although my bald head belies that fact! Rory is a derivation of Ruadrai(the Red King), a reference to a medieval local clan leader. I have a passion for County Kerry, Ireland which is like a second home to me as I get soilce from the busy lifestyle we all tend to lead. 

Research interests

My previous research interests have included risk assessment and management practices in mental health services, Dual Diagnosis and co morbidity issues in mental health care.

 I am very keen to look at the way in which the core nursing values of compassion and care can or cannot be tested/assessed or otherwise in the arena of on line and distance learning. Whilst recognising that these core values are assessed by practitioners in the 'field'(so to speak), my interest is whether any degree of validity or reliability can or cannot be  used to validate these potentially subjective judgements that are made between a practitioner and the student they are supervising.

This is not to doubt the value of this process as it  is an observable behaviour that is demonstrated and assessed in practice, but rather a question of whether any other strategies can be incorporated in a on line distance learning environment to provide other validating criteria.

Such an idea may be totally illogical but I wonder whether it could be used as a validating process to affirm practice decisons.


Impact and engagement

I actively work in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Areas to promote the Open University pre registration nursing education provision.