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Dr Owen Coggins

Profile summary

Professional biography

As well as Visiting Fellow of the Religious Studies Department at the Open University, Owen Coggins is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Social & Political Sciences at Brunel University London.

After an MA in Religions at SOAS, University of London, Owen completed a PhD in 2015 at The Open University in Religious Studies and Music. The doctoral project was an ethnographic investigation of how religion was articulated in the discourses and practices surrounding drone metal, an experimental form of music. A monograph that extended this research, Mysticism, Ritual and Religion in Drone Metal (Bloomsbury Academic, 2018) won the 2019 book prize of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music. Research interests tend to focus on ambiguity, noise, ritual, constructions of mysticism and abstractions of violence, in extreme or marginal popular music cultures. Articles on related topics have appeared in Implicit Religion, JBASR, Metal Music Studies, Popular Music and elsewhere.

Owen previously worked as a Researcher at music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins. He is currently the Secretary of the International Society for Metal Music Studies, and co-runs the record label and registered charity Oaken Palace, raising money for endangered species through releasing drone music.


Selected Publications:


2018. Mysticism, Ritual and Religion in Drone Metal Music, London: Bloomsbury Academic. See

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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As Editor

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Peer-reviewed Book Chapters

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