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Water Co-Governance for Sustainable Ecosystems: Reflections and Recommendations from Pilot Processes in the UK (2021-07)
Foster, Natalie
Water, 13, Article e1737(13)

WaterCoG: Evidence on How the Use of Tools, Knowledge, and Process Design Can Improve Water Co-Governance (2021-04-27)
Borowski-Maaser, Ilke; Graversgaard, Morten; Foster, Natalie; Prutzer, Madeleine; Roest, Allard Hans and Boogaard, Floris
Water, 13, Article e1206(9)

Revisiting deliberative policy analysis through systemic co-inquiry: some experiences from the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in England (2019)
Foster, Natalie; Ison, Ray; Blackmore, Chris and Collins, Kevin
Policy Studies, 40 (pp. 510-533)

Performing and orchestrating governance learning for systemic transformation in practice for climate change adaptation (2016-12-01)
van Bommel, Séverine; Blackmore, Chris; Foster, Natalie and de Vries, Jasper
Outlook on Agriculture, 45(4) (pp. 231-237)

Learning for Transformation of Water Governance: Reflections on Design from the Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance (CADWAGO) Project (2016-11-04)
Blackmore, Chris; van Bommel, Severine; de Bruin, Annemarieke; de Vries, Jasper; Westberg, Lotten; Powell, Niel; Foster, Natalie; Collins, Kevin; Roggero, Pier Paolo and Seddaiu, Giovanna
Water, 8, Article 510(11)

Water Governance in England: Improving Understandings and Practices through Systemic Co-Inquiry (2016)
Foster, Natalie; Collins, Kevin; Ison, Ray and Blackmore, Chris
Water, 5, Article 540

Research, policy and practice for the conservation and sustainable use of intertidal mudflats and saltmarshes in the Solent from 1800 to 2016 (2014-04)
Foster, Natalie; Hudson, Malcolm D.; Bray, Simon and Nicholls, Robert J.
Environmental Science & Policy, 38 (pp. 59-71)

Intertidal mudflat and saltmarsh conservation and sustainable use in the UK: A review (2013-09-15)
Foster, Natalie; Hudson, Malcolm D.; Bray, Simon and Nicholls, Robert J.
Journal of Environmental Management, 126 (pp. 96-104)

Understanding and developing communities of practice through diagramming (2017)
Blackmore, Chris; Foster, Natalie; Collins, Kevin and Ison, Ray
In: Oreszczyn, Sue and Lane, Andy eds. Mapping environmental sustainability: reflecting on systemic practices for participatory research (pp. 155-182)
Publisher : Policy Press | Published : London

Partnerships for action in river catchment governance. A case study in the Irwell, UK. (2018)
Foster, Natalie; Ison, Ray; Blackmore, Chris and Collins, Kevin
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

Water governance in the UK and EU: So far, so what and what next? Symposium Report. 16th September 2015, Royal Society, London. (2015-09-16)
Foster, Natalie; Collins, Kevin; Ison, Raymond and Blackmore, Chris
The Open University, Milton Keynes.