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Dr Maureen Rhoden

Profile summary

Professional biography

Maureen is a lecturer and student experience manager in the Business School of the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL). She has been in this role since July 2022 which involves the selection, induction, ongoing performance management, and development of Associate Lecturers (ALs) as well as bringing the student perspective to developing module/programme teaching and learning design. She has approximately 25 years experience in Higher Education. She was formally a senior lecturer/researcher and Course Director at the University of Greenwich and has extensive experience teaching management-related subjects, research methods, and ethics to undergraduates and postgraduates including international students. Her research focuses on the learning experiences of students studying in higher education. She was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award – conferred for the quality of her peer review submissions to the Journal of International Students. 

She is an internal Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) peer reviewer for the OU and the faculty representative on HREC Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught liaison group.  She is a member of the Access, Participation, and Success-funded Business Induction project and is the faculty representative on the Student Success Update Group. 

Research interests

Maureen has co-authored books, book chapters, and articles that reflected her early research interests in housing management education and policy. She has developed this research interest to reflect her growing interest in the learning experiences of students in higher education. 

Current projects include:

  • Principal Investigator leading Scholarship Centre for Innovation in online Legal and Business Education (SCILAB) funded scholarship/research team exploring perspectives of OU tutors regarding Assessments and Students with Declared Dyslexia
  • Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education - Copy editor

Teaching interests

Maureen was a member of the production team that developed the badged OpenLearn Introducing Black Leadership course and the Level 1 module 'Making your Learning Count at Work' which both form part of the Black Leadership Empowerment Programme (BLEP). BLEP is a hybrid face-to-face and online leadership development programme that aims to develop workplace and community leadership amongst Black learners. It is particularly aimed at people wanting to start their journeys in leadership but is also valuable to more experienced leaders looking to refine their approaches.


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