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Dr Matthew Higgins


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Profile summary

Professional biography

I hold a BA (Hons First) Sociology from Staffordshire Polytechnic, a MA in Marketing (Distinction) from Bristol Business School and a PhD in Marketing Ethics from Keele University.

I started my academic career at Keele University in 1996 and have held roles at the University of Hertfordshire, University of Wolverhampton, Birmingham City University and the University of Worcester. 

Between 1999 and 2020 I worked at the University of Leicester, where my focus was on building and supporting the distance/flexible learning provision, being a part of the Distance Learning Directorate for the School of Business (2005-2020). Through distance learning I have been fortunate enough to teach in a number of countries in continental Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Americas. 

I am currently Head of Department for Strategy and Marketing and undergraduate curriculum lead for Marketing.

Research interests

My research interests are in marketing and consumer related issues around supply chains, education management, ethics, social marketing, social enterprises and not for profit organisations. I've also been known to dabble in representations of marketing in popular culture.

I have supervised PhD and MPhil students to completion and have examined theses in the UK and overseas. I currently have the pleasure of supervising 

  • Jessica Heddenhausen - Identity constructs and regenerative agriculture
  • Alejandro A. Ramirez - Actor network theory and Fine Dining in South Korea
  • Kenji Ishihara – Habitus, Ethical Consumption and Religion in Japan
  • Mostafa Saadeldin – Habitus, Consumption and Religion in Egypt

Teaching interests

I have taught marketing, consumer behaviour, strategic marketing and research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I am also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Certified Management & Business Educator.

Impact and engagement

I have worked in a number of fields, including exhibition management, law, finance and retail. I’ve maintained this practitioner interest throughout my academic career, delivering applied research and consultancy in the areas of consumer research, service and product evaluation, channel management development, market intelligence, strategy development and branding.

I was Associate Dean for Business Engagement (2016-2018) for the University of Leicester School of Business and in 2017, following a successful ERDF funding bid, I took on the role of Marketing and Management Academic Lead within the University of Leicester Innovation Hub. The Leicester Innovation Hub was created to provide a front door for the businesses-facing activities of the University, allowing academic and research staff to develop new opportunities for strong partnerships with business and industry.

I have been a member of the Chartered Association of Business School (CABS) Small Business Charter Management Board (2017-2020). I am currently a Board member for Giving World and Personal Care Packs Ltd.

External collaborations

I have been an External Examiner at a number of UK and international HEIs, presently I am an External Examiner at Staffordshire University. I am also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Management.


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