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The impact history and prolonged magmatism of the angrite parent body (2024-01)
Rider‐Stokes, B. G.; Anand, M.; White, L.F.; Darling, J. R.; Tartèse, R.; Whitehouse, M. J.; Franchi, I.; Greenwood, R. C. and Degli‐Alessandrini, G.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 59(1) (pp. 23-39)

Impact mixing among rocky planetesimals in the early Solar System from angrite oxygen isotopes (2023)
Rider-Stokes, B. G.; Greenwood, R. C.; Anand, M.; White, L. F.; Franchi, I. A.; Debaille, V.; Goderis, S.; Pittarello, L.; Yamaguchi, A.; Mikouchi, T. and Claeys, P.
Nature Astronomy, 7 (pp. 836-842)

Atom probe tomography and correlative microscopy: Key techniques for future planetary science studies (2022-06)
McCarroll, Ingrid E.; Daly, Luke; White, Lee F. and Cairney, Julie M.
MRS Bulletin, 47(7) (pp. 696-705)

Lunar samples record an impact 4.2 billion years ago that may have formed the Serenitatis Basin (2021)
Cernok, Ana; White, Lee F.; Anand, Mahesh; Tait, Kimberly T.; Darling, James R.; Whitehouse, Martin; Miljković, Katarina; Lemelin, Myriam; Reddy, Steven M.; Fougerouse, Denis; Rickard, William D. A.; Saxey, David W. and Ghent, Rebecca
Communications Earth & Environment, 2, Article 120(1)