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Dr Ling Tang

Ling- Smile

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am an artist academic who considers sociology as art and vice versa.  I like to play with various mediums - so far mainly words and songs -  for my feelings and thoughts. The core of my praxis is feminism, queerness and what it means to be Chinese.

I was born and raised in Mainland China and lived in Hong Kong for almost 10 years between 2010 and 2023. I completed my B.S.S and M.Phil. in sociology at Hong Kong Baptist University, came to the University of Oxford for D.Phil. in Oriental Studies and went back to Hong Kong for two post-doc positions (the University of Hong Kong & RGC postdoc at Hong Kong Baptist University). After that, I returned here for this lecturership. 

(She/They 唐凌)

Research interests

In general, my research interests include: 

  • platform studies (labour and technology, online community, digital culture and activism)
  • gender studies (I use feminist and queer perspectives to look at business and the workplace)
  • feminist theorisation 
  • innovative methods (sensory ethnography,  feminist methodology and collaborative auto-ethnography)
  • public sociology

Academic Publications 


(Forthcoming, under contract with MIT Press) Tang, Ling. Burnout Market Feminism: Urban Chinese Businesswomen in the Internet Age  

Peer-reviewed articles

Tang, Ling (2021) Burning Out in Emotional Capitalism: The Appropriation of Ganqing and Renqing in Chinese Platform Economy. Journal of Sociology. Online first: DOI: 10.1177/14407833211044568

Tang, Ling (2021) Guarding the Space In-between: The Quandary of Being a Liberal Mainland Student Migrant in Hong Kong. British Journal of Chinese Studies. 11: 36–52.

Tang, Ling (2020) Gendered and Sexualized Guanxi: The Use of Erotic Capital in the Workplace in Urban China. Asia Pacific Business Review. 20(2): 190–208. DOI: 10.1080/13602381.2019.1701264


Teaching interests

Obviously, I am proud to be a member of the production team at OU for our radically accessible learning materials.

Sociology and feminism ought to be for everybody. 

For potential PhD students, don't hesitate to get in touch if your research interests overlap with mine.

I am keen to explore innovative research methods with you, especially those with the aim to empower marginalised communities. 

Besides Greater China-related projects, I am also interested in projects about gender, feminism, labour, Internet and (sub)culture in East and South East Asia. 

For funding, you may want to look at:

Studentships and funding | Research | Open University


Impact and engagement

Most of my public engagement practices take place in China in Chinese. I care deeply about mainland China and Hong Kong.

For my music, please see Lyn Dawn on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube music and etc, and 唐凌 on 网易云音乐 and QQ音乐.

Public sociology practices (selected): 

My public academic talk shows: 

2021-now:  Forest and Trees @见树又见林FT (Founder) 

2019-2020: Academic Bird @学术啾 (Co-founder)

Press Media Output

Condolence for Dorothy Smith. 2022 (Jun.). The Initium. 

Condolence for bell hooks. 2021 (Dec.). The Initium.

Discussion: New and Obsolete Masculinity. 2021 (Feb.). The Paper.

Combating COVID-19 in Oxford: A Crumbling Castle. 2020. (May). Mingpaomonthly.

(With Hongwei Bao and Jingyi Wang) The Development of Queer Theory in China, Ms-Muses 

Digital Media Output (Other podcast shows)

(With Wang Qianni and Song Ge)Rebutting Shihang: Three Chinese Feminists responding to the ongoing #Metoo. 2023 (May). 直来直去 

Discussing liberal mainlanders in Hong Kong. 2021 (Nov). The Initium. 

Erotic Capital and Yingchou in the Workplace: “Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.” 2021 (Sep.) DoubleConciousness. 

External collaborations

I collaborate with Yichen Li to produce fine art pieces (moving images, installations, sculptures). I contribute mainly to concept development.