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Sleep, Nutrition, and Injury Risk in Adolescent Athletes: A Narrative Review (2023)
Mason, Lorcán; Connolly, James; Devenney, Lydia E.; Lacey, Karl; O’Donovan, Jim and Doherty, Rónán
Nutrients, 15, Article 5101(24)

Sensitivity to Experiencing Alcohol Hangovers: Reconsideration of the 0.11% Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Threshold for Having a Hangover (2020)
Verster, Joris C.; Kruisselbrink, L. Darren; Slot, Karin A.; Anogeianaki, Aikaterini; Adams, Sally; Alford, Chris; Arnoldy, Lizanne; Ayre, Elisabeth; Balikji, Stephanie; Benson, Sarah; Bruce, Gillian; Devenney, Lydia E.; Frone, Michael R.; Gunn, Craig; Heffernan, Thomas; Hensel, Kai O.; Hogewoning, Anna; Johnson, Sean J.; van Lawick van Pabst, Albertine E.; van de Loo, Aurora J.A.E.; Mackus, Marlou; Merlo, Agnese; Murphy, René J.L.; Owen, Lauren; Palmer, Emily O.C.; van Rossum, Charmaine J.I.; Scholey, Andrew; Terpstra, Chantal; Vatsalya, Vatsalya; Vermeulen, Sterre A.; van Wijk, Michelle and Stock, Ann-Kathrin
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 9(1) (p 179)

Memory and attention during an alcohol hangover (2019-07)
Devenney, Lydia E.; Coyle, Kieran B. and Verster, Joris C.
Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, 34, Article e2701(4)

Cognitive performance and mood after a normal night of drinking: A naturalistic alcohol hangover study in a non-student sample (2019)
Devenney, Lydia E.; Coyle, Kieran B. and Verster, Joris C.
Addictive Behaviors Reports, 10, Article 100197

Sleep after Heavy Alcohol Consumption and Physical Activity Levels during Alcohol Hangover (2019)
Devenney, Lydia E; Coyle, Kieran B.; Roth, Thomas and Verster, Joris C.
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 8(5) (p 752)

Sex Differences in the Presence and Severity of Alcohol Hangover Symptoms (2019)
van Lawick van Pabst, Albert E; Devenney, Lydia E. and Verster, Joris C
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 8(6) (p 867)

The impact of expectancy on cognitive performance during alcohol hangover (2018)
Devenney, Lydia; Coyle, Kieran B. and Verster, Joris C.
BMC Research Notes, 11, Article 730

Written words supersede pictures in priming semantic access: a P300 study (2010-09)
Dorjee, Dusana; Devenney, Lydia and Thierry, Guillaume
NeuroReport, 21(13) (pp. 887-891)

Proceeding of the 9th Alcohol Hangover Research Group Meeting
Merlo, Agnese; Adams, Sally; Benson, Sarah; Devenney, Lydia; Gunn, Craig; Iversen, Jacqueline; Johnson, Sean J.; Mackus, Marlou; Scholey, Andrew; Stock, Ann-Katrin; van de Loo, Aurora J.A.E.; van Schrojenstein Lantman, Marith; Wilod Versprille, Livia J.F. and Verster, Joris C.
Current Drug Abuse Reviews, 10(1) (pp. 68-75)

Proceedings of the First Irish Alcohol Hangover Research Seminar (2022)
Devenney, Lydia E.; Stock, Ann-Kathrin; Merlo, Agnese; Hendriksen, Pauline A.; Gunn, Craig A.; Opitz, Antje; Bruce, Gillian and Verster, Joris C.
In : Proceedings of the First Irish Alcohol Hangover Research Seminar (2022, Ireland) (p 5)