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CORE: A Global Aggregation Service for Open Access Papers. (2023)
Knoth, Petr; Herrmannova, Drahomira; Cancellieri, Matteo; Anastasiou, Lucas; Pontika, Nancy; Pearce, Samuel; Gyawali, Bikash and Pride, David
Scientific Data, 10(1) (p 366)

A Hybrid Human-AI Approach for Argument Map Creation From Transcripts (2024)
Anastasiou, Lucas and De Liddo, Anna
In : 1st Workshop on Language-Driven Deliberation Technology, DELITE 2024 (20 May 2024, Torino) (45 – 51)

A tale of struggles: an evaluation framework for transitioning from individually usable to community-useful online deliberation tools (2023-05)
Anastasiou, Lucas; De Moor, Aldo; Brayshay, Barbara and De Liddo, Anna
In : Communities and Technologies (C&T) 2023 (May 29 - Jun 02, Lahti, Finland) (pp. 144-155)

BCause: Reducing group bias and promoting cohesive discussion in online deliberation processes through a simple and engaging online deliberation tool (2023)
Anastasiou, Lucas and De Liddo, Anna
In : 1st Workshop on Social Influence in Conversations, SIC (14 Jul 2023, Toronto, Canada) (pp. 39-49)

Making sense of online discussions: can automated reports help? (2021-05-08)
Anastasiou, Lucas and De Liddo, Anna
In : CHI EA '21: Extended Abstracts of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (8-13 May 2021, Yokohama, Japan) (pp. 1-7)

Deduplication of Scholarly Documents using Locality Sensitive Hashing and Word Embeddings (2020-05-11)
Gyawali, Bikash; Anastasiou, Lucas and Knoth, Petr
In : 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (11-16 May 2020, Marseille, France) (pp. 894-903)

OpenMinTeD: A Platform Facilitating Text Mining of Scholarly Content (2018-06)
Labropoulou, Penny; Galanis, Dimitrios; Lempesis, Antonis; Greenwood, Mark; Knoth, Petr; Eckart de Castilho, Richard; Sachtouris, Stavros; Georgantopoulos, Byron; Anastasiou, Lucas; Martziou, Stefania; Katerina, Gkirtzou; Manola, Natalia and Piperidis, Stelios
In : 7th International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications (7-12 May 2018, Miyazaki, Japan)

Towards effective research recommender systems for repositories (2017-06)
Knoth, Petr; Anastasiou, Lucas; Charalampous, Aristotelis; Cancellieri, Matteo; Pearce, Samuel; Pontika, Nancy and Bayer, Vaclav
In : Open Repositories 2017 (26-30 Jun 2017, Brisbane, Australia)

Building scalable digital library ingestion pipelines using microservices (2017)
Cancellieri, Matteo; Pontika, Nancy; Pearce, Samuel; Anastasiou, Lucas and Knoth, Petr
In : MSTR 2017: 11th International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (28 Nov - 1 Dec 2017, Tallinn, Estonia)

My repository is being aggregated: a blessing or a curse? (2014)
Knoth, Petr; Anastasiou, Lucas and Pearce, Samuel
In : Open Repositories 2014 (OR2014) (9-13 Jun 2014, Helsinki, Finland)

Aggregating The World's Open Access Research Papers (2019-09-16)
Knoth, Petr; Anastasiou, Lucas; Cancellieri, Matteo; Gyawali, Bikash; Herrmannova, Drahomira; Misak, Sergei; Huba, Alexander; Pearce, Samuel; Pontika, Nancy; Rumyanceva, Svetlana and Tarasiuk, Maria
Open Science Fair

The uptake of the CORE recommender in repositories (2017-06-25)
Pontika, Nancy; Knoth, Petr; Anastasiou, Lucas; Charalampous, Aristotelis; Cancellieri, Matteo; Pearce, Samuel and Bayer, Vaclav

Machine accessibility of Open Access scientific publications from publisher systems via ResourceSync (2017-06-22)
Knoth, Petr; Anastasiou, Lucas; Basile, Giorgio; Pearce, Samuel and Pontika, Nancy