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Dr Katie Harvey

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Professional biography

I am a Lecturer in the School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences at The Open University (OU), and am also the Biomedical Sciences Qualification Director, a degree that will be starting at the OU soon.

Research interests

My research focusses on:

1. Determining the importance of morphokinetic parameters on embryo viability, and characterising embryo development in species of agricultural importance.

2. Improving methods for research, development, and quality control in in vitro fertilisation (IVF) practices, with an aim to develop a cell-based replacement for the mouse embryos currently used in IVF media manufacture and cryopreservation research. 

3. Working with human IVF clinics to improve practice and success rates.

External collaborations

I collaborate with colleagues from the Unversities of Kent, Greenwich and Essex.


Morphokinetic Profiling Suggests That Rapid First Cleavage Division Accurately Predicts the Chances of Blastulation in Pig In Vitro Produced Embryos (2024)
Hillyear, Lucy M.; Beckitt, Tom; Zak, Louisa J.; Griffin, Darren K.; Harvey, Simon C. and Harvey, Katie E.
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Double vitrification and warming of blastocysts does not affect IVF implantation rates, or birth outcomes (2024)
Al Hashimi, B.; Linara-Demakakou, E.; Harvey, S. C.; Harvey, K. E.; Griffin, D.K.; Ahuja, K. and Macklon, N.
Reproductive BioMedicine Online ((Early access))

Sperm morphology differences associated with pig fertility (2022-02-16)
Mandawala, A. A.; Skinner, B. M.; Walling, G. A.; Harvey, K. E. and Harvey, S.C.
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Supplementation of porcine in vitro maturation medium with FGF2, LIF, and IGF1 enhances cytoplasmic maturation in prepubertal gilts oocytes and improves embryo quality (2022)
Serrano Albal, María; Silvestri, Giuseppe; Kiazim, Lucas G.; Vining, Lucy M.; Zak, Louisa J.; Walling, Grant A.; Haigh, Alexandra M.; Harvey, Simon C.; Harvey, Katie and Griffin, Darren K.
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Identification of optimal assisted aspiration conditions of oocytes for use in porcine in vitro maturation: A re‐evaluation of the relationship between the cumulus oocyte complex and oocyte quality (2021-03)
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Cryopreservation produces limited long-term effects on the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans (2020-02-01)
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The production of pig preimplantation embryos in vitro: Current progress and future prospects (2018-09)
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Canine recommended breed weight ranges are not a good predictor of an ideal body condition score (2018)
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Multicolor detection of every chromosome as a means of detecting mosaicism and nuclear organization in human embryonic nuclei (2016)
Turner, Kara; Fowler, Katie; Fonseka, Gothami; Griffin, Darren and Ioannou, Dimitrios
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Upgrading molecular cytogenetics to study reproduction and reproductive isolation in mammals, birds, and dinosaurs (2016)
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