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“We have dealt with this situation randomly”: A peer ethnographic approach with teachers in refugee settings in the age of COVID19 (2023)
Charitonos, Koula; Khalil, Betul; Ross, Tara; Bonfini-Hotlosz, Cindy; Webster, Ben and Aristorenas, Miki
Education & Conflict Review Journal, 4 (pp. 97-104)

Addressing the persistent disconnect between learning and work: Using a Logic Model to support negotiations of diverse actors during the design of digital learning systems (2023)
Littlejohn, Allison; Charitonos, Koula; Goshtasbpour, Fereshte; Dawadi, Saraswati and McMullan, Rachel
Learning Letters, 1, Article 7

Professional Learning in healthcare settings in resource-limited environments: What are the tensions for professionals’ knowing and learning about antimicrobial resistance? (2022)
Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
Studies in Continuing Education, 44(3) (pp. 475-492)

A review of research with co-design methods in health education (2022)
Iniesto, Francisco; Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
Open Education Studies, 4 (pp. 273-295)

Antimicrobial resistance challenging professional learning in three LMICs (2021-06-29)
Kaatrakoski, Heli; Littlejohn, Allison and Charitonos, Koula
Journal of Workplace Learning, 33(6) (pp. 446-459)

Ethics-in-practice in fragile contexts: research in education for displaced persons, refugees and asylum seekers (2020-08)
Fox, Alison; Charitonos, Koula; Baker, Sally; Moser-Mercer, Barbara and Jack, Victoria
British Educational Research Journal, 46(4) (pp. 829-847)

Advancing Social Justice for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the UK: an Open Education approach to strengthening capacity through Refugee Action’s Frontline Immigration Advice Project (2020)
Charitonos, Koula; Albuerne-Rodriguez, Carolina; Witthaus, Gabi and Bossu, Carina
Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2020, Article 11(1)

The Role of Professional Learning in Addressing Global Challenges: Tensions and Innovations Associated With AMR (2019-10-15)
Littlejohn, Allison; Charitonos, Koula and Kaatrakoski, Heli
Frontiers in Education, 4, Article 112

HCI and Refugees: Experiences and Reflections (2018-08-31)
Talhouk, Reem; Bustamante, Ana; Aal, Konstantin; Charitonos, Koula; Weibert, Ana and Vlachokyriakos, Vasilis
Interactions, 25(4) (pp. 46-51)

Museum learning via social and mobile technologies: (How) can online interactions enhance the visitor experience? (2012)
Charitonos, Koula; Blake, Canan; Scanlon, Eileen and Jones, Ann
British Journal of Educational Technology, 43(5) (pp. 802-819)

Studying participatory arts-based psychosocial support and peacebuilding at a distance through a topological lens: the case of MAP at Home project in Rwanda (2024)
Charitonos, Koula and Uwihoreye, Chaste
In: Breed, Ananda; Marambio, Helena-Ulrike; Pells, Kirrily and Timalsina, Rajib eds. Children, Youth and Participatory Arts for Peacebuilding: Lessons from Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Indonesia and Nepal. Routledge Studies in Development and Society
ISBN : 9781032135915 | Publisher : Routledge (In Press) | Published : Abingdon

Opening spaces of learning: a sociomaterial investigation of object-based approaches with migrant youth in and beyond the heritage language classroom (2022-02-04)
Charitonos, Koula
In: Lytra, Vally; Ros i Solé, Cristina; Anderson, Jim and Macleroy, Vicky eds. Liberating Language Education (pp. 205-225)
ISBN : 9781788927932 | Publisher : Multilingual Matters | Published : Bristol

Can WhatsApp facilitate interaction? A case study of adult language learning (2022)
Vogiatzis, Dimitrios; Charitonos, Koula; Giaxoglou, Korina and Lewis, Tim
In: Rienties, Bart; Hampel, Regine; Scanlon, Eileen and Whitelock, Denise eds. Open World Learning: Research, Innovation and the Challenges of High-Quality Education. Routledge Research in Digital Education and Educational Technology (pp. 44-62)
Publisher : Routledge | Published : New York, USA

Crossing over settings, practices and experiences: connecting learning in museums and classrooms (2019-08)
Charitonos, Koula
In: Looi, Chee-Kit; Wong, Lung-Hsiang; Glahn, Christian and Cai, Su eds. Seamless Learning: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities (pp. 111-137)
ISBN : 978-981-13-3070-4 | Publisher : Springer

Learning across locations and settings (2018-01-24)
Jones, Ann; Scanlon, Eileen and Charitonos, Koula
In: Luckin, Rosemary ed. Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology: What the Research Says
ISBN : 9781782772262 | Publisher : UCL IOE Press

Cultural Citizen Inquiry: Making space for the ‘everyday’ in language teaching and learning (2017-09-19)
Charitonos, Koula
In: Herodotou, Christothea; Sharples, Mike and Scanlon, Eileen eds. Citizen Inquiry: A fusion of citizen science and inquiry learning
ISBN : 9781138208698 | Publisher : Taylor & Francis | Published : London

Designs for Heritage Language Learning: A Photography project in the UK Supplementary Education (2015)
Charitonos, Koula and Charalampidi, Marina
In: Brown, Tom H. and van der Merwe, Herman J. eds. The Mobile Learning Voyage - From Small Ripples to Massive Open Waters: 14th World Conference, mLearn 2015, Venice, Italy, October 17-24, 2015, Proceedings. Communications in Computer and Information Science (560) (pp. 198-216)
ISBN : 978-3319256832 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Cham

Examining transitions to distance and online higher education with students from refugee backgrounds (2023-09)
Charitonos, K.; Gillespie, M.; Dancu, L.; O'Malley, O.; Al-Rashid, A.; Martin, S.; Wilding, C.; Graffin, N.; Mutwarasibo, F. and Babjak, M.
In : BERA 2023 Conference (12-14 Sep 2023, Birmingham, UK)

Expanding healthcare practice: forms of meta-work generated when healthcare processes are digitalised (2023-08-24)
Littlejohn, Allison; Charitonos, Koula and Kaatrakoski, Heli
In : EARLI2023 Conference (22-26 Aug 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Developing Relational Work as a Design Tool in activities with health professionals (2023-08-23)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison; Dawadi, Saraswati; Vaidya, Abhinav; Giri, Santosi; Owusu-Ofori, Alex and Goshtasbpour, Fereshte
In : EARLI2023 Conference (22-26 Aug 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Professional learning as a response to societal challenges at this time of continuing struggle (2022)
Kaatrakoski, Heli; Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
In : Nordic-Baltic ISCAR (14-16 Jun 2022, Helsinki, Finland)

Design considerations for a systemic approach to technology-supported professional learning (2021-08-24)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison and Kaatrakoski, Heli
In : 19th Biennial EARLI Conference EARLI 2021 (23-27 Aug 2021, Sweden)

Ways of working in uncertain times: a Teaching and Learning Framework development within a large-scale transformation programme on digital innovation in Higher Education (2019-06-17)
Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
In : CSCL2019 Workshop “Theories and Methods for Researching Interdisciplinary Learning” (17-21 Jun 2019, Lyon, France)

Professional Learning to Tackle Global Development Challenges (2019)
Littlejohn, Allison; Charitonos, Koula; Kaatrakoski, Heli and Seal, Timothy
In : Pan-commonwealth Forum 2019 (9-12 Sep 2019, Edinburgh)

Technology at/of the border: a workshop about stories and experiences (2019)
Kruger, M.; Aal, K.; Bustamante, A.; Tachtler, F.M.; Talhouk, R.; Fisher, K.; Yafi, E.; Charitonos, Koula and Wulf, V.
In : ACM Communities & Technologies 2019 (3-4 Jun 2019, Vienna) (pp. 336-342)

Emerging directions in research on laboratory capacity strengthening for drug resistant infections in low-and-middle-income countries (2019)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison and Seal, Timothy
In : EARLI 2019 (12-16 Aug 2019, Aachen, Germany)

Online, Blended and Distance Learning for Education in Fragile Contexts (2019)
Mohan, Giles; Taylor, Faye and Charitonos, Koula
In : PanCommonwealth Forum PCF9 (9-12 Sep 2019, Edinburgh)

Learning in uncertain situations: an examination of tensions within a large-scale transformation programme in a HE institution (2018-09)
Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
In : 9th International conference of the EARLI SIG 14 Learning and Professional Development: Interaction, learning and professional development (12-14 Sep 2018, University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Evaluating the Frontline Immigration Advice Project (2018-06)
Charitonos, Koula; Anastopoulou, Stamatina; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes and Albuerne, Carolina
In : CALRG Annual Conference 2018 (18-19 Jun 2018, The Open University, Milton Keynes) (p 24)

Community-based interventions for language learning among refugees and migrants (2017-06)
Charitonos, Koula and Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes
In : Refugees & HCI Workshop: The Role of HCI in Responding to the Refugee Crisis, Communities & Technologies 2017 (26-30 Jun 2017, Troyes, France)

Urban explorations for language learning: a gamified approach to teaching Italian in a university context (2016-12-18)
Charitonos, Koula; Morini, Luca; Arnab, Sylvester; Cervi-Wilson, Tiziana and Brick, Billy
In : EUROCALL 2016 CALL communities and culture (24-27 Aug 2016, Limassol, Cyprus) (pp. 94-99)

Using object-based activities and an online inquiry platform to support learners’ engagement with their heritage language and culture (2016-12-18)
Charitonos, Koula; Charalampidi, Marina and Scanlon, Eileen
In : EUROCALL 2016 (24-27 Aug 2016, Limassol, Cyprus) (pp. 87-93)

ImparApp: designing and piloting a game-based approach for language learning (2016-10)
Morini, Luca; Charitonos, Koula; Arnab, Sylvester; Cervi-Wilson, Tiziana; Brick, Billy; Bellamy-Wood, Tyrone and Van Leeuwen, Gaetan
In : 10th European Conference on Games Based Learning (6-7 Oct 2016, Paisley, Scotland)

Trajectories of learning across museums and classrooms (2012)
Charitonos, Koula; Blake, Canan; Scanlon, Eileen and Jones, Ann
In : The Transformative Museum (22-25 May 2012, Roskilde, Denmark)

Museum Learning via Social Media: (How) Can Interactions on Twitter Enhance the Museum Learning Experience? (2011)
Charitonos, Koula
In : Learning, Media and Technology Doctoral Conference (4/7/2011, London, UK)

Museum learning 2.0: how (can) Web 2.0 technologies be used for enhancing the museum learning experience? (2011)
Charitonos, Koula; Blake, Canan; Scanlon, Eileen and Jones, Ann
In : EVA London 2011: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (6-8 Jul 2011, London, UK)

‘Get up, stand up for your rights’: a research study investigating the use of social media for enhancing the museum learning experience (2011)
Charitonos, Koula
In : EARLI 2011-JURE Pre-Conference (29-30 Aug 2011, Exeter, UK)

Promoting positive attitudes in children towards museums and art: a case study of the use of Tate Kids in primary arts education (2010)
Charitonos, Koula
In : Museums and the Web 2010: the International Conference for Culture and Heritage Online (13-17 Apr 2010, Denver, Colorado, USA)

Researching transitions to distance higher education with students from refugee backgrounds: A case from the Sanctuary programme at the Open University (2023-11)
Charitonos, Koula; Gillespie, Marie; Graffin, Neil; Wilding, Colin; O'Malley, Olwyn; Al-Rashid, Ahmad; Martin, Shannon; Mutwarasibo, Fidèle; Babjak, Mahlea and Dancu, Lidia
The Open University

Innovating Pedagogy 2023: Open University Innovation Report 11 (2023-07-06)
Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Bossu, Carina; Charitonos, Koula; Coughlan, Tim; Deacon, Andrew; Deane, Nawaal; Ferguson, Rebecca; Herodotou, Christothea; Huang, Cheng-Wen; Mayisela, Tabisa; Rets, Irina; Sargent, Julia; Scanlon, Eileen; Small, Janet; Walji, Sukaina; Weller, Martin and Whitelock, Denise
The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Consultation for the 2023 GEM Report on Technology and Education (2023-06)
Charitonos, Koula; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Huxley, Sarah; Hedges, Claire; Law, Patrina; Power, Tom; Akyeampong, Kwame; Mwoma, Teresa; Al-Awidi, Hamid and Whitelock, Denise
The Open University

Knowledge, resources and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights: The views and experiences of young refugees living in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Western Uganda (2023-06)
Jones, Rebecca L.; Bbaale, Leilah; Charitonos, Koula; Alla-Mensah, Joyceline; Hewitt, Jenny; Matova, Quraish; Daira Marylyn, Fanta; Ireen, Munyandinda; Blessing, Miskat Mariata and Pross, Ninsiima
The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Work-based learning interventions for antimicrobial stewardship: a systematic review (2023)
Langdridge, Darren; McMullan, Rachel; Virhia, Jennika; Banks, Duncan; Charitonos, Koula; Giri, Santoshi; Olupot-Olupot, Peter and Vaidya, Abhinav
PROSPERO, CRD42023447115

Researching communicative approaches to English language teaching using peer ethnographic method in Jordan’s refugee settings. (2022-08)
Charitonos, Koula; Khalil, Betul; Bonfini-Hotlosz, Cindy; Webster, Ben; Tara, Ross; Salim, Ahmed; Abu Allan, Ekhlass; Badwi, Wajeeh and Aristorenas, Miki
INEE, New York.

Innovating Pedagogy 2022: Open University Innovation Report 10 (2022-07-07)
Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Bossu, Carina; Charitonos, Koula; Coughlan, Tim; Ferguson, Rebecca; FitzGerald, Elizabeth; Gaved, Mark; Guitert, Montse; Herodotou, Christothea; Maina, Marcelo; Prieto-Blázquez, Josep; Rienties, Bart; Sangrà, Albert; Sargent, Julia; Scanlon, Eileen and Whitelock, Denise
The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Principles in practice. Co-creation of Learning in complex and challenging environments. Discussion Guide and Toolkit. (2021-12)
Charitonos, Koula; Hoggart, Lesley; Jones, Rebecca; Keogh, Peter and Scott, Ellen
The Open University and the ACCESS consortium

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance through Professional Learning: The Development and Evaluation of the Global AMR Curriculum (2021-11)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison; Dawadi, Saraswati; Mcmullan, Rachel; MacQueen, Hilary; Goshtasbpour, Fereshte; Ullmann, Thomas and De Munari, Paola
The Open University

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: The AMR Surveillance Toolkit (2021)
Charitonos, Koula; Goshtasbpour, Fereshte; Dawadi, Saraswati; Littlejohn, Allison; Badger, S.; Vaidya, Abhinav; Giri, Santosi and Owusu-Ofori, Alex
The Open University

Ethics-in-practice in fragile contexts: The value of the CERD ethical appraisal framework (2020-06-24)
Baker, Sally; Jack, Victoria; Moser-Mercer, Barbara; Charitonos, Koula and Fox, Alison

Technology-supported Capacity Building on AMR Surveillance: Findings from the Pilot Phase (2019-10-11)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison; Kaatrakoski, Heli; Fox, Alison; Chaudhari, Vasudha; Seal, Timothy and Tegama, Natalie
The Open University

Evaluation of the Frontline Immigration Advice Project (2019-09-20)
Charitonos, Koula; Witthaus, Gabi; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes and Anastopoulou, Stamatina
The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Supporting laboratory professionals in low- and middle-income countries to learn about antimicrobial resistance on the job (2019-05-31)
Charitonos, Koula

Comparative evaluation of the MAZI pilots (version 3) (2018-12-31)
Davies, Gareth; Gaved, Mark; Charitonos, Koula; McAndrew, Patrick; Jones, Ann and Scanlon, Eileen
The MAZI Consortium

The evaluation of Refugee Action's 'Frontline Immigration Advice Project'. Deliverable 2 (2018-12)
Charitonos, Koula; Anastopoulou, Stamatina and Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes
The Open University

Ways of Working and Learning in AMR surveillance systems in LMICs: Findings from the scoping phase (2018-11-26)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison; Seal, Timothy and Kaatrakoski, Heli
The Open University

D3.10 Comparative study of the MAZI pilots (version 3) (2018)
Davies, Gareth; Gaved, Mark; Charitonos, Koula; McAndrew, Patrick; Jones, Ann and Scanlon, Eileen
European Commission