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Miss Kayleigh Smith

Profile summary

Professional biography

PhD candidate studying B-cell disfunction in therapy and disease.

Lead supervisor: Dr Luisa Pedro

Co-supervisors: Prof. Ignacio Romero, Dr Wendi Bacon, Dr Elena Jachetti.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Natural Sciences (Biology) (first class honours), The Open University, 2021.

Research interests

Immunology, cancer and the tumour microenvironment, non-coding RNA, bioinformatics.


Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs in hepatocellular carcinoma: Prognostic, predictive significance and pathway insights (2024)
Smith, Kayleigh; Beach, Dan; Silva, Roger; Balazs, Gyorffy; Salani, Francesca and Crea, Francesco
PLOS ONE, 19, Article e0296198(4)