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Dr Joe Fennell


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Professional biography

Joe Fennell joined EEES in mid-August to work with Kadmiel Maseyk on monitoring tree health with remotely-sensed data. Previously he was at the University of Manchester and Lancaster University where he has worked on measurement, classification and monitoring of plants and their pests in a wide range of applications.


Currrent Research Interns:

Flavia Ranzolin


Essential nutrient element profiles in rice types: a risk–benefit assessment including inorganic arsenic (2022)
Menon, Manoj; Smith, Amelia and Fennell, Joseph
British Journal of Nutrition, 128(5) (pp. 888-899)

New understanding of the direct effects of spectral balance on behaviour in Myzus persicae (2020-10)
Fennell, Joseph T.; Wilby, Andrew; Sobeih, Wagdy and Paul, Nigel D.
Journal of Insect Physiology, 126, Article 104096

The novel use of proximal photogrammetry and terrestrial LiDAR to quantify the structural complexity of orchard trees (2020-07)
Murray, Jon; Fennell, Joseph T.; Blackburn, George Alan; Whyatt, James Duncan and Li, Bo
Precision Agriculture, 21(3) (pp. 473-483)

Interacting with Members of the Public to Discuss the Impact of Food Choices on Climate Change—Experiences from Two UK Public Engagement Events (2020-03)
Kluczkovski, Alana; Cook, Joanne; Downie, Helen F.; Fletcher, Alison; McLoughlin, Lauryn; Markwick, Andrew; Bridle, Sarah L.; Reynolds, Christian J.; Schmidt Rivera, Ximena; Martindale, Wayne; Frankowska, Angelina; M. Moraes, Marcio; J. Birkett, Ali; Summerton, Sara; Green, Rosemary; Fennell, Joseph T.; Smith, Pete; Ingram, John; Langley, India; Yates, Lucy and Ajagun-Brauns, Jade
Sustainability, 12, Article 2323(6)

Direct effects of protective cladding material on insect pests in crops (2019-07)
Fennell, Joseph T.; Fountain, Michelle T. and Paul, Nigel D.
Crop Protection, 121 (pp. 147-156)

A method for real-time classification of insect vectors of mosaic and brown streak disease in cassava plants for future implementation within a low-cost, handheld, in-field multispectral imaging sensor (2018)
Fennell, Joseph; Veys, Charles; Dingle, Jose; Nwezeobi, Joachim; van Brunschot, Sharon; Colvin, John and Grieve, Bruce
Plant Methods, 14, Article 82(1)

TreeView: A small satellite supporting precision forestry for nature-based solutions in a changing climate (2022-05)
Endicott, James; Holland, Andrew; Maseyk, Kadmiel; Fennell, Joseph; Morris, David; Jerram, Paul; Holland, Karren; Colebrook, David and Donchev, Anton
In : 4S Symposium 2022 (16-20 May 2022, Vilamoura, Portugal)