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Dr Jan Collie

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Quantitative evaluation of the results of digital forensic investigations: a review of progress (2021)
Overill, Richard E. and Collie, Jan
Forensic Sciences Research, 6(1) (pp. 13-18)

DEEP: Extending the Digital Forensics Process Model for Criminal Investigations (2020-12)
Collie, Jan and Overill, Richard E.
Athens Journal of Sciences, 7(4) (pp. 225-240)

A Strategic Model for Forensic Readiness (2018-06)
Collie, Jan
Athens Journal of Sciences, 5(2) (pp. 167-182)

Digital forensic evidence—Flaws in the criminal justice system (2018)
Collie, Jan
Forensic Science International, 289 (pp. 154-155)

Tracing Forensic Artifacts from USB-Bound Computing Environments on Windows Hosts (2016-03)
Collie, Jan
Athens Journal of Sciences, 3(1) (pp. 17-30)

The windows IconCache.db: A resource for forensic artifacts from USB connectable devices (2013-02)
Collie, Jan
Digital Investigation, 9(3-4) (pp. 200-210)

Pocket PCs: privacy? Or piracy and porn? (2012-10)
Collie, Jan
Computer Fraud & Security, 2012(10) (pp. 5-8)

Exploring Knowledge Exchange. Barriers and perceptions (2023-07)
Reed, Andy; Loveys, Megan; Hatzipanagos, Stylianos; Hackett, Phil; Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Soraya and Collie, Jan
In : EdMedia + Innovate Learning (10 Jul 2023, Vienna) (pp. 1105-1111)