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Mathematical modeling is an efficient research tool to address challenges in mass extinction research: Reply to comments on “Knowledge gaps and missing links in understanding mass extinctions: Can mathematical modeling help?” (2023-09)
Sudakow, Ivan; Myers, Corinne; Petrovskii, Sergei V.; Sumrall, Colin D. and Witts, James
Physics of Life Reviews, 46 (pp. 5-7)

Recognizing the Shape and Size of Tundra Lakes in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images Using Deep Learning Segmentation (2023-03-01)
Demchev, Denis; Sudakow, Ivan; Khodos, Alexander; Abramova, Irina; Lyakhov, Dmitry and Michels, Dominik
Remote Sensing, 15, Article 1298(5) ((Early Access))

Biome stability and fragmentation under critical environmental temperature change (2023-02)
Sudakow, Ivan; Vakulenko, Sergey A.; Pound, Matthew and Kirievskaya, Dubrava
Applied Mathematical Modelling, 114 (pp. 189-204)

Excitable media store and transfer complicated information via topological defect motion (2023-01)
Sudakow, Ivan; Vakulenko, Sergey A. and Grigoriev, Dmitry
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 116, Article 106844

Robust morphogenesis by chaotic dynamics (2023)
Reinitz, J.; Vakulenko, S.; Sudakow, I. and Grigoriev, D.
Scientific Reports, 13, Article 7482(1)

Knowledge Gaps and Missing Links in Understanding Mass Extinctions: Can Mathematical Modeling Help? (2022-05-03)
Sudakow, Ivan; Myers, Corinne; Petrovskii, Sergei; Sumrall, Colin D. and Witts, James
Physics of Life Reviews, 41 (pp. 22-57)

MeltPondNet: A Swin Transformer U-Net for Detection of Melt Ponds on Arctic Sea Ice (2022)
Sudakow, Ivan; Asari, Vijayan K.; Liu, Ruixu and Demchev, Denis
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 15 (pp. 8776-8784)

Statistical mechanics in climate emulation: Challenges and perspectives (2022)
Sudakow, Ivan; Pokojovy, Michael and Lyakhov, Dmitry
Environmental Data Science, 1, Article e16