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Dr Isidora Kourti

Profile summary

Professional biography

Dr Isidora Kourti is a Lecturer in Management at the Department of Strategy and Marketing at The Open University Business School. Before joining the Open University, Isidora worked at the Regent’s University London, London School of Economics (LSE) and Birkbeck. Isidora has obtained her PhD in Organisational Psychology from the LSE. Her doctoral research was funded by the LSE Research Studentship scheme and followed a processual understanding of inter-organisational collaborations (IOCs) in order to explore how IOC partners manage the multiple identities present in daily collaborative work with a practice and boundary work perspective. Isidora holds an MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology from the LSE and a BSc in Psychology, Philosophy and Pedagogy from the University of Ioannina, Greece.

Research interests

Isidora's current research is located within the tradition of the social psychology of organisations, and follows a processual and practice-based study of organisations and organising. Her research has focused on exploring the impact of fragmented and temporary working conditions on employees and working practices.

Specific areas of Isidora's research include:

- Inter-organisational collaborations (e.g. identity tensions, boundary management, spaces of (inter)action and spatial dynamics)

- SMEs (e.g. knowledge sharing and transfer, intellectual capital reporting, learning processes)

- Project teams (e.g. permanent and temporary organising, boundary strategies)

Isidora uses primarily qualitative, ethnographic methodologies but she is also interested in new research methodologies such as digital ethnography.

Teaching interests

Isidora has more than 8 years of teaching experience in higher education and has obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education from the London School of Economics. She has taught modules in the areas of Organisational Behaviour, and Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and has a particular expertise in inter-organisational collaborations.

Impact and engagement

Isidora has taken part in a number of research projects that followed a processual and practice-based study of organisations and organising. InCaS (Intellectual Capital Statement), run by the LSE, was an EU project with partners from 5 European academic institutes and explored learning and knowledge sharing and transfer in temporary SMEs. FLAME (Federated Local Access Management Environment) was a project run by the LSE and funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), and examined identity development and management in UK Universities. The Diversified Teams project was conducted by Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge and analysed decision making and boundary management strategies in diversified project teams.


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