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Dr Gunjan Sondhi

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Professional biography

I come to the discipline of Geography through Migration Studies, with a PhD from the University of Sussex, UK. Prior to starting at the Open University, I held postdoctoral positions at  Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and York University in Canada. I am currently chairing the presentation of the Geography- dissertation module, Researching Everyday Geographies.

Research interests

My research interests focus on the interplay between gender, class, education and skilled mobility .  This work has stretched across South Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and the UK/EU to examining the mobility of international students, and highly skilled migrants within academia, the IT sector and Finance. I am interested in employing gender as an analytical lens to examine the different pathways and flows of skilled mobility that reflect the global and regional shifting relations of power.

Current Projects (OpenUniversity)
Completed Projects:

External Funding:

British Academy/Leverhulme: (2020-2021) Writing International Student Migration in Africa (PI)

Internal Funding:

Strategic Research and Innovation Fund: Experiences of International students in the pandemic (PI)

International Development and Inclusive Innovation Fund: Internatonal students in the pandemic (PI)

ESRC (2016-18): Gender, Skilled Migration and IT industry: a comparative study of India and the UK (OU, Postdoctoral Research Associate)

NRF(2015):  Singapore in the Global Talent Race (NTU, Singapore, Research Fellow)

SSHRC (2014): The Mentoring Partnership Project (York University, Canada, Research Associate)

PCAL (2014): Reviewing international students in Canada (York University, Canada, Co-I)


Teaching interests

I am currently co-chairing the production and presentation of a third year undergraduate Geography dissertation module D325: Researching Everyday Geographies. 

Impact and engagement

Recent international invited policy presentations
  • (2018) Raghuram, P. and Sondhi, G. Skilling and Skills in migration and sector data. International Forum on Migration Statistics, OECD, Paris.
  • (2017) Student migration and development, presentation to the Global Compact on Migration and Development, United Nations, New York.
  • (2017) Gender and skilled migration in the IT sector, InterParliamentary Trust meeting, Houses of Parliament, London.
Public interventions
  • TechPartnerships and the Open University (March 2018) Bridging the skills gap: lessons from India.
  • NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion Summit (March 2017), Bangalore; (March 2018), Chennai.
  • Independent Parliamentary Trust (Feb 2017) Digital Skills: Bridging the Gap for Women in Technology, London
Industry/sector interventions
Media coverage 

External collaborations


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In: Rajan, S. Irudaya ed. India Migration Report 2018: Migrants in Europe
ISBN : 9781138498167 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : New Delhi

"Settlers" Meeting the "Settled": International Students Encountering the South Asian "Diaspora" in Ontario, Canada (2019)
Sondhi, Gunjan
In: Kim, Ann H. and Kwak, Min-Jung eds. Outward and Upward Mobilities: International Students in Canada, Their Families and Structuring Institutions (pp. 159-176)
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