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Dr Fatima Yusuf

Profile summary

Professional biography

I joined the Open University in 2021 as Lecturer in Accounting. Prior to that, I worked at the University of Leicester in capacity of Lecturer in Accounting from 2019 till 2021. I also worked at Coventry University, from 2016 to 2019 as Lecturer in Finance. I obtained my PhD in the field of corporate disclosure from the Open University in 2016. Before coming to the UK, I also worked for 5 years in financial sector in Pakistan.

Research interests

I am interested in studying accounting, auditing and accountability practices of corporate organisations. More specifically, I am interested in the study of how accounting is used by corporations to achieve various corporate objectives and how it impacts society, planet and sustainability. My research has focused on the investigation of accountability mechanisms and disclosure practices from institutional and postcolonial perspectives. I am an expert in using qualitative methods and have published in such academic journals as Accounting Forum, British Journal of Management, Managerial Auditing Journal, and Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies. My recent publications are as follows

  • Ishaque, M., Attah‐Boakye, R. and Yusuf, F. (2021) ‘Behavioural Framework for Managing Conflicts of Interest in Professional Accounting Firms’ British Journal of Management, Available at:
  • Yusuf, F., & Yousaf, A. (2019). Can self-regulation work in environments of high corruption?. Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies. 10 (1), pp. 117-139.
  • Areneke, G., Yusuf, F. and Kimani, (2019). Anglo-American Governance in non-Anglo-American Settings: Assessing Practitioner Perception  and  Responses  Across  Emerging  Economies. Managerial Auditing Journal , 34(4), pp. 482-510.
  • Yusuf, F., Yousaf, A. and Saeed, A. (2018), “Rethinking agency theory in developing countries: a case study of Pakistan”, Accounting Forum, 42(4), pp.281-292.

Teaching interests

I have experience of teaching a range of subjects such as Management Accounting and Control, Financial Accounting, Personal Finance, Accounting Theory, Accounting Representations in Public and Private Sectors, Investment and Taxation, Insurance and Pensions, and Corporate Governance at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Conceptualising Silence in External Corporate Communication: A Case Study of Pakistan (2024-07)
Yusuf, Fatima; Yousaf, Amna; Ishaque, Maria and Umrani, Waheed Ali
Journal of Management Inquiry, 33(3) (pp. 300-318)

Green bonds as a bridge to the UN sustainable development goals on environment: A climate change empirical investigation (2024-04)
Ahmed, Rizwan; Yusuf, Fatima and Ishaque, Maria
International Journal of Finance & Economics, 29(2) (pp. 2428-2451)

Creatures of a lesser god! Gender-based differences in HR attributions mediated by person-job fit: a poly-contextual analysis (2023-10-09)
Yousaf, Amna; Yusuf, Fatima and Umrani, Waheed Ali
Personnel Review, 52(7) (pp. 1842-1860)