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Mr Francis Garikayi

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Francis Garikayi is affiliated with The Open University's Department of Economics.

You can email Francis Garikayi directly; but for media enquiries please contact a member of The Open University's Media Relations team.


Francis is a Chartered Accountant who holds a Master of Commerce degree in Development Finance from the Univeristy of Cape Town. He has gained working experience in Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa in the profit and non-profit sectors. His research interests are focused on political economy, money and finance in sub-Saharan Africa, industrialisation, input-output analysis, and structural change.

Research interests

Current research

The political economy of Zimbabwe's (under) development: a sectoral view

Francis's current research focuses on the historical and contemporary processes of capital accumulation in Zimbabwe, specifically looking at the structure that emerged out of these processes. Zimbabwe's economy has historically been dominated by mining, agriculture and manufacturing industry. He is exploring whether there have been changes and or continuities to this economic structure; and the consequences of this to economic development, money, finance, and industrialisation. Francis's work offers a break from the dominant mainstream narrative of Zimbabwe's underdevelopment which mainly see it as the result of economic mismanagement, state failure and corruption.


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