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‘Why has this guy got his foot in the sink?’: challenges, encounters and everyday geographies of practicing wudu (2024)
Wigley, Edward and Bibi, Rashida
Social & Cultural Geography ((Early access))

Blue is for boys: postfeminist continuations of gender, body and hue in UK magazines, 2009–2018 (2022)
Wigley, Edward and Dornelles, Vevila R. C.
Gender, Place & Culture, 29(3) (pp. 345-371)

Economic geographies of the illegal: the multiscalar production of cybercrime (2021-09-29)
Hall, Tim; Sanders, Ben; Bah, Mamadou; King, Owen and Wigley, Edward
Trends in Organized Crime, 24 (pp. 282-307)

‘A place of magic’: enchanting geographies of contemporary wassailing practices (2021)
Wigley, Edward
Social & Cultural Geography, 22(6) (pp. 868-889)

Do Autonomous Vehicles Dream of Virtual Sheep? The Displacement of Reality in the Hyperreal Visions of Autonomous Vehicles (2021)
Wigley, Edward
Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 111(6) (pp. 1640-1655)

[Book review] City Water Matters: Cultures, Practices and Entanglements of Urban Water (2020-07-01)
Wigley, Edward
Urban Studies, 57(9) (pp. 2010-2012)

Who’s behind the wheel? Visioning the future users and urban contexts of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies (2020)
Wigley, Edward and Rose, Gillian
Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography, 102(2) (pp. 155-171)

Wassail! Reinventing ‘tradition’ in contemporary wassailing customs in southern England (2019-07-01)
Wigley, Edward
cultural geographies, 26(3) (pp. 379-393)

Everyday mobilities and the construction of subjective spiritual geographies in ‘Non-places’ (2018)
Wigley, Edward
Mobilities, 13(3) (pp. 411-425)

A global sense of religious place: the production of religious and spiritual sites through local–global entanglements and global mobilities (2018)
Wigley, Edward
Globalizations, 15(5) (pp. 593-607)

Constructing subjective spiritual geographies in everyday mobilities: the practice of prayer and meditation in corporeal travel (2017-03-22)
Wigley, Edward
Social & Cultural Geography, 19(8) (pp. 984-1005)

Learning lessons for avoiding the inadvertent exclusion of communities from smart city projects (2020-11)
Valdez Juarez, Miguel; Wigley, Edward; Zanetti, Olly and Rose, Gillian
In: Aurigi, Alessandro and Odendaal, Nancy eds. Shaping Smart for Better Cities - Rethinking and Shaping Relationships Between Urban Space and Digital Technologies (pp. 221-237)
ISBN : 978-0-12-818636-7 | Publisher : Academic Press | Published : London