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Dr Emmanuel Nartey

Profile summary

Professional biography

Dr Emmanuel K Nartey is a Law Lecturer and Academic Lead of Employability at the Open University, contributing to various undergraduate and postgraduate modules.  Dr Nartey taught law at Cardiff Met University and the University of East London and was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity, Coventry University.

 In addition to his academic posts, Dr Nartey is a member of many academic and non-academic institutes. Academically, Dr Nartey is an active reviewer of the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation and a member of the International Association of Psychological Scientists and Chartered Management Institute. Dr Nartey is also a National Director of a UK Non-Governmental Organisation of the International Association of Youth Courts.  In 2017, Dr Nartey worked as the Director and Head of the Research Integrity and Ethics Committee at the International Women Initiative in London.

Dr Nartey holds MSc in International Relations and Comparative Public Policy, PhD in International Law and Human Rights Law at the University of East London), LL.M in International Trade and Economic Law (the University of the West of England) and Bachelor Honours Degree in Business Management.

Before his academic career, Dr Nartey served with the Royal Tank Regiment of the British Army for 17 years and was awarded the ‘UK Armed Force Sportsman of the Year’ in 2013 and 2012. He was the first judoka to represent Ghana at the Senior World Judo Championship in 2005 and the Olympic Games in London 2012 where he won 4 World Cup Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze medals. He also won a Bronze medal at the 2012 European Open in Istanbul, 1 Commonwealth Silver and 1 Bronze medallist. 

Research interests

Dr Nartey’s research interest focuses on financial crimes, human rights, gender and equality, criminal liability of legal persons and corporate governance. Over the last ten years, he has combined different personal and professional dimensions: senior management, strategy, module leader, graduate and postgraduate education, research and scientific production, pro bono and law practice with NGOs. Each of his research activities has been oriented towards an international and comparative approach to economic and social culture development, and they have been intertwined in a synthesis that characterizes his personal background, teaching experience at universities and experience of poverty on the street of Accra-Ghana.

Dr Nartey has researched areas of corporate accountability and remedy, legal research into corporate human rights violations and cases in Africa, transitional justice process, research in human rights law, research in international law and the duty of states EU Law, post-conflict state and institution-building and comparative legal studies. He has also published articles in areas of human rights abuses, international law, corporate accountability and corporate social responsibility. His current and future research plan is to publish on tax evasion and psychology, human rights and future of European Peace and Security Policy.

Teaching interests

Dr Nartey teaches a range of UG and PG modules at the OU, they include:

  • Tort Law
  • Employment Law
  • Boundaries of International Law and
  • Business, human rights law and corporate social responsibility

Impact and engagement


  • Emmanuel K Nartey, Ethics and Integrity in Rule of Law and International Law (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2023)
  • Emmanuel K Nartey. 'Ghana ecological risks: a space law and science education approach to the management frameworks' (2023)  Biodiversity and Conservation 1, 16.
  • Emmanuel K Nartey, Accountability and Corporate Human Rights Violations in Tort and International Law (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2021)
  • Emmanuel K Nartey, Remedy for Human Rights Abuses under Tort and International Law (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2022)
  • Co-Author The Successful Spirit: Top Performers Share Secrets to a Winning Mindset (Successful Mind, Body & Spirit) (2021
  • Emmanuel K Nartey, ‘Neurological Aspect of Ethics and Integrity: A Fundamental Compound Element of Law and Tax Compliance’ (2023) (9) Athens Journal of Law 1-2
  • Emmanuel K Nartey, ‘The Rohingya Crisis: A Critical Analysis of the United Nations Security Council and International Human Rights Law’ (2022) 8 (30) Athens Journal of Law 3-22.

External collaborations

NHS and Coventry University: Research Project - The Conception of Ghanaian Immigrants, Black and Ethnic Minorities Attitude toward Counselling and Its Experiential Phenomenon


Ethics and Integrity in the Rule of Law and International Law (2023-05-05)
Nartey, Emmanuel Kojo
ISBN : 978-1-5275-1007-4 | Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing | Published : Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Accountability and Corporate Human Rights Violations in Tort and International Law (2021)
Nartey, Emmanuel K.
ISBN : 978-1-5275-7505-9 | Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Cambridge Scholars Publishing | Published : Newcastle