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Dr Daniele Tori

Profile summary

Professional biography

Daniele is Lecturer in Finance at The Open University Business School since July 2016. Before joining the OU, Daniele taught at the University of Greenwich and the University of Pavia (Italy).

Daniele has a BSc in Political Sciences and an MSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Pavia (Italy). In 2017, he obtained his PhD in Economics from the University of Greenwich (UK).

He has been a co-investigator for the project titled “An investment and equality-led sustainable growth programme for Europe” funded by FEPS (January-February 2016) and for the project titled “Financialization and Investment in Developed and Developing countries” funded by UNCTAD (March- June 2016).

Daniele is part of the History and Political Economy of Business and Finance research cluster, and part of the steering groups of the Innovation, Knowledge and Development (IKD) and the Open University Research Concordat.

Research interests

Daniele's current research mainly focuses on the macroeconomic processes of financialization, financial innovation, and financial history. His research has been published in the Cambridge Journal of EconomicsSocio-economic ReviewJournal of Post Keynesian EconomicsMacroeconomic Dynamics, the Journal of Economic History, and the Journal of Evolutionary Economics among others. 

Teaching interests

Current teaching 

  • Research Methods for Finance 
  • Derivatives and Risk Management 
  • Financial Management 

Impact and engagement

Daniele acted as a reviewer for more than 20 academic journals.

Daniele's research findings have been used to support evidence for the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee's inquiry on the effects of Quantitative Easing.

External collaborations

Daniele is a member of the Editorial Board of Moneta e Credito. He is also a member of the committee of the Post Keynesian Economics Society (2018-present), a member of the Open Political Economy Group (2016-present), and Alumni of the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre.

Daniele has an established network of collaborators in Universities in the UK and Italy. 


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ISBN : 9781801178914 | Publisher : Emerald Publishing Limited

A “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” inspired activity (2023-10-12)
Halari, Anwar and Tori, Daniele
Accounting Café

The Financial Innovation Hypothesis: Schumpeter, Minsky and the sub-prime mortgage crisis (2018-11)
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Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEM), Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy.

Financialisation and physical investment: a global race to the bottom in accumulation? (2017-07)
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PKSG working paper series

Productivity puzzle? Financialization, inequality, investment in the UK (2017-02-08)
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University of Greenwich, London.

A critique to the expansionary austerity (part III): empirical counter facts beyond theoretical weaknesses (2017-02)
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An Investment and Equality-Led Sustainable Development Strategy for Europe (2017-01-27)
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