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Mr Claude Nsobya

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Claude holds an MSc. in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford, UK, and a BSc. in Environmental Sciences from Makerere University in Uganda. During his undergraduate studies, he conducted empirical research in Uganda, focusing on the vulnerability assessment of smallholder farmers to drought. The assessment considered exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity.

For his MSc. research, Claude focused on drought empirical studies, concentrating on how smallholder farmers adapt to drought conditions. He categorized adaptation mechanisms into sustainable adaptation, transformational adaptation, and mal-adaptation strategies.

Currently pursuing his PhD, Claude's research centers on exploring the relationship between resilience and community involvement in Flood Risk Governance, particularly in under-explored contexts. One such context involves understanding this relationship concerning fluvial and pluvial flooding in Uganda. Another under-explored aspect is related to the groundwater source of flooding under the Project Groundwater.

The Project Groundwater, funded by DEFRA (UK), is part of the Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programmes (FCRIP), comprising 25 programs led by councils in the UK. Claude's PhD research is funded by Project Groundwater and led by the Buckinghamshire Council.

Research interests

Claude's research interests lie at the intersection of climate change adaptation, mitigation, and resilience studies, with a specific focus on the impacts of climate change, notably floods and droughts. His curiosity extends to the comparative analysis of community engagement, adaptation strategies, and resilience mechanisms, both within Uganda and on a global scale.

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