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Dr Alexis Lansbury

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Early Start for TM470 project students (2023)
Bowkis, Michael; Gardner, Christine and Lansbury, Alexis
In : The 12th eSTEeM Annual Conference: Enabling Student Success – Expanding Engagement in Scholarship (19-20 Apr 2023, Milton Keynes, Open University)

Should virtual learning mean on screen learning? (2020-08-17)
Alexander, Laura and Lansbury, Alexis
In : Variety in Chemistry Education / Physics Higher Education Conference 2020 (17-21 Aug 2020, Virtual)

How do STEM students use digital and non-digital learning resources? (2019-01)
Alexander, Laura and Lansbury, Alexis
In : Advance HE STEM Conference 2019 (30-31 Jan 2019, Birmingham UK)

An investigation into how STEM students use learning resources in different formats, and how this use develops over time (2021-01-15)
Alexander, Laura and Lansbury, Alexis
eSTEeM, Open University, Milton Keynes.